Here's what experts say about making a long distance relationship work

May 17 2019, 7:56 pm

In this age of technology, it seems that more and more people are taking part in long distance relationships. With the days of paying for long distance phone calls long gone and apps like Whatsapp and Facetime easily accessible for everyone, it feels easier than ever before.

In fact, one in three college students across North America is in a long distance relationship, with 75% having participated in a long distance relationship in the duration of their studies!

The #LDR Activity Book

But ask anyone who’s actually in a long distance relationship, and it’s clear that technology can’t make up for everything. And many people still believe that long distance relationships are never going to work out. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy — things could get complicated, and it’s inevitable that you get sad and lonely at times. But while it may be tough, it’s ultimately worth it for so many people when they get to reunite with their partner.

Sam Laliberte and Jared Schachter, a couple who spent years in a long distance relationship, went on a mission to find out what it actually takes to make a modern-day relationship successful, and break the stigma that long distance relationships can’t work.

The #LDR Activity Book

Partnering with Registered Psychologist Beverley Kort, and Sexologist Carlen Costa, as well as interviewing dozens of other couples in long distance relationships, the couple created The #LDR Activity Book, the first fun and interactive activity book couples can complete together, from a distance.

Having over 30 years of experience in couples therapy, Beverley says, “The most important things to consider when making a long distance relationship work are strong communication, creating trust, and cherishing your time together when you are with each other in person.”

The #LDR Activity Book

In The #LDR Activity Book, there are eight chapters covering foundational topics and diverse activities ranging from personality tests to crossword puzzles, creating relationship bucket lists, and even games for conflict resolution.

The book includes psychology-backed activities that help strengthen your communication by finding out more about your partner, creating trust by bonding over shared secrets, and creating bucket list vacations to build excitement for your next in-person meeting.

The #LDR Activity Book

Launching on Kickstarter in December 2018, the book was an instant success, becoming fully funded on its first day and raising over $10,000 from around 200 global backers.

For more information about The #LDR Activity Book, or to purchase yours now, visit their website.