Local student a finalist for the Amazing Travel Scholarship

Dec 19 2017, 10:37 am

Many high school students are currently feeling the surreal sensation that their secondary education is soon coming to an end, including Vancouverite, Melanie Zikatano. The only difference, she is a finalist for the The Amazing Travel Scholarship.

Melanie Zikatano attends high school in the downtown area called King George Secondary. High school has been a blast for her but its end is just around the corner. Currently, she is one of the many students applying for post-secondary scholarships and as many of know it’s quite the competition. With tuition prices rising, many students are looking for ways that they can get creative in order to obtain some financial support. Enter The Amazing Travel Scholarship.

The Amazing Travel Scholarship is a scholarship created by S-Trip, a company that specializes in trips for high school students all over the world. There is also a University equivalent called Campus Vacations. Each year The Amazing Travel Scholarship rewards one student with a $2500 scholarship, a paid internship for the company, and a free trip for the student and a friend. How do you win this amazing prize?

It’s fairly straightforward; just show why travel is important to your education and yourself. The judges will pick the contestant which they believe is the most deserving. She previously worked with S-Trip creating trips for her fellow classmates and is very fond of the company. She loves to travel and is also a strong student so she knew this would be the perfect scholarship for her.

So here she is, a top 15 finalist chosen from the whole country competing for the Amazing Travel Scholarship. Travel is and always will be a part of her. Having travelled to amazing destinations all over the world and having discovered beautiful places, wonderful things, and amazing people, she wants to share her love of travel and inspire others to love it too.

One day she hopes to pursue a career that will allow her to continue on exploring and hopefully making a difference on an international scale. “I also believe that education cannot just be acquired from school, but also from the world around us. To educate is to learn; and what better way of learning is there than traveling? The Amazing Travel Scholarship is truly the first step on a road full of exciting adventures,” says Melanie.

Vancouver she needs our support, the competition ends on May 25th. Primarily each contestant has their blog on the Amazing Travel Scholarship website so you can go visitt:

She’d love to hear her insight on her posts too! I also have a Facebook page: Mel for the Amazing Travel Scholarship.

Follow her on twitter: @Mel_ATS