DH Local Profile: Hailey Merkt, Brand & PR Manager with Daily Hive

Nov 29 2018, 5:29 pm

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Today’s DH Local Profile is none other than Hailey MerktBrand & PR Manager with Daily Hive in Vancouver.

She was once on The Bachelor (yes, the US one). She’s lived in Australia, is from Ontario, and currently calls Vancouver home. She’s also dabbled in Communications, Broadcast Journalism, and Print Journalism. 

And here’s her entire life in an article. Well, the good parts anyway…

HELLO, MY NAME IS ___________


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Describe yourself in three words. Pick good ones.

Honest, spontaneous, and happy ← That last character trait is one I am very proud to declare. Not many people can say they are happy. It took a lot of self awareness and deep reflection to get me to that point again.

Name an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

I think I might be most proud of my ability to take a risk. Whether that be in career, travel, love, or just trying a new food, I think I can be quite brave (or stupid, depending on who you ask) when it comes to taking risks. I definitely weigh the consequences, but I typically will say yes to anything that has an unknown risk factor.

What’s the craziest things you’ve ever done?

Hands down, that would have to be joining the cast of ABC’s The Bachelor USA (Season 21). I was single and in between jobs… in my mind, I didn’t have anything to lose, so I figured why not?



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How are you paying your bills?

I am currently the Brand & PR Manager with Daily Hive.

Describe your day-to-day in a single tweet.

I attempt to bring awareness and cohesion to the company. I currently take on a lot of projects that maybe fall into general marketing as well, but it all comes down to making Daily Hive an effective, efficient, and recognizable brand in the eyes of its markets.

How did you end up doing what you do?

Long story short, I worked in a dozen different roles that surround marketing, then had a job as a Marketing & Communications Assistant, that quickly turning into solely managing all of marketing after the person that hired me quit, and I had to learn a lot… really really fast. This lead me to meet Karm, CEO of Daily Hive, after I had hired Daily Hive to write an article about one of the restaurants under my scope at the time. I kept in contact with him and chatted about our mission and goals. Our cultures seemed to align, so once a role that fit my ability opened up, Karm reached out with an offer. I accepted, and now here I am.

What was your dream job when you were younger? (Sorry, cowboy is taken.)

First a veterinarian, but my older brother told me I’d have to put animals down all the time, and that basically killed the dream. Then I wanted to be a marine biologist because I found the water world just fascinating. But then I got a pet fish and was to creeped out to change the water, haha. I liked looking and learning about things but that was it. I tried snorkeling, and that was just a full on shit show. Basically started hyperventilating and required a flutter board to swim myself back to the boat ASAP. Then an architect, but I sucked at math, soooo here we are. All three dreams crushed by reality.

What are you going to be doing 10 years from now?

10 years from now, I see myself in some sort of job where I can work remotely so I can travel with my family (assuming I would have a partner and children by then). If not, then I could see myself being that person that works too much. I’d hope that I’m involved in something that feels very important. Like maybe I’m spending half my time volunteering, or building something that I think makes an impact on society for the better.

What do you love most about what you get to do day to day?

I love that I get to come into work and not feel afraid. I have a lot of trust from my team and superior. I’m really fortunate. Also, there is usually free food, drinks, and dogs to play with. #millennialofficemuch

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I had a math teacher in high school, Mr. Hubert, who told me, “Don’t put your name on it if you aren’t proud of it.” I’m not going to lie, it made me a tad OCD, and I realize I can’t always be incredibly excited about everything I do, but it sure as hell makes me try my hardest.

Piece of advice you’d give someone just stepping into your industry?

Marketing is subjective. Know that you don’t know everything. Prepare to watch your projects fail, and be okay with that. Learn from your mistakes. And general life advice, be confident and be curious. It’ll take you places.

What’s your current #sidehustle?

I do some photography on the side, also model with Richard’s Agency, and am VERY proud to say I have just started my first ever passion project. It’s something that combines my love for crafts, design, human relationships, nature, photography, copy writing, and being saucy. Haha. I know that’s a whole lot to roll into one ball, but that’s all I can say right now! I’ll post about it on my Instagram when it’s ready. To be continued…



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What’s the best meal in Vancouver — bar none.

I love food, so this is hard. Maybe the corn and cheddar fritters from 6 Acres in Gastown. Not a typical meal, but I’m obsessed.

Take us on your ideal date in Vancouver. Yes, you can be alone on it. 

I think Gastown is my favourite vibe for sure. It’s more loungey, relaxed, social, less pretentious than some other areas of Vancouver (cough, cough, Yaletown). The Diamond is a great spot. Especially if their weird little secret back room is open. Ask for that bar. They play old VHS movies on a small TV on the corner of the bar and the bartender is usually there to have a good time with you.

Who mixes the best cocktail in the city?

You know, I’m a bit bummed out to answer this question, but I would love to without a doubt say that Joe Fortes makes the best Caesar, but they changed their rim and it’s so average now, it hurts my heart. Haha. Joe Fortes Marketing, if you are reading this, I am disappointed in your reinvention of your Caesar. So I guess now I’ll say anywhere that has Glenlivet 15 on their shelf. Can we consider that a cocktail? haha.

Shhhhhh. What’s the most underrated restaurant in the city? We promise your secret is safe with us. 

I might have to go with Pizza Garden. They have some damn good pizza.



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What’s the last country you’ve been to outside of Canada?


What’s the next one you’re going to?

Maybe Vegas for a quick girls weekend. Spontaneity rules my weekends right now, so who knows?!

When you dream about vacation you dream about being in ____ doing _____.

In a cozy cabin or lake house with good company, good food, and no cellphone.

The one city everyone in the world needs to visit at least once is…

Maybe Vancouver. I think we’re a pretty cool city. It’s cool to have so many different neighbourhoods 20 minutes away from each other, and then to harness an ocean view with ice-capped mountains is pretty impressive.

‘The most interesting thing I’ve learned about myself while travelling is…’

That I am comfortable being alone.



Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. Get real.

Vegan or Meatatarian?

Meatatarian I suppose. I don’t eat a lot of meat anymore, but I have a really tough time saying no to deep fried chicken.

Maple Syrup or Honey?

Maple Syrup! I can’t live without chicken and waffles now that I’ve tasted it.

Wine or Beer (or Whisky)?

This is a near impossible question. I drink all of the above, but I think wine culture is the most conversational and is slightly more elevated and relaxed, so I’ll go with vino!

Netflix and Chill or Hiking with Friends?

Netflix and Chill, but alone. Haha. I love my me time and truly enjoy mindless acts like TV time.

Apple or Android?


Dogs or Cats?

DOGS! Don’t talk to me if you don’t agree.

House or Condo?

In this economy? Do I have a choice? Condo.

Movies or TV?

TV. I can’t live without The Office.

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