LOCAL launches 9 holiday gift boxes packed with food and drinks

Nov 30 2020, 7:36 pm

Do you miss going out to the bars?

This Christmas, one local restaurant is literally boxing up the pub visiting experience for you and everyone on your gift list. Take care of all your holiday shopping with the LOCAL Public Eatery 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

LOCAL has created nine different holiday gift boxes to make anyone you’re buying for merry on Christmas morning. Trust us when we say, these will be fun ones to put under the tree — if you don’t end up opening them yourself before then.

Hoppy Holidays

Hoppy Holidays/Local Public Eatery

Price: $20

This is perfect for bringing the bar experience to those who miss it most. Included in the Hoppy Holidays box is the bar snack (a buttered ranch popcorn kit), the crisp beer (4-pack of Pilsner Urquell), and even the glass mug to go with it (Pilsner Urquell Mug)!

Malty Christmas

Malty Christmas/Local Public Eatery

Price: $20

This is another gift box for anyone missing their nights spent sitting barside. In this package, you still get the delicious buttered ranch popcorn kit, but the glass is Guinness, and so is the beer. Just make sure your giftee knows the Guinness trick of tipping the can completely upside down when pouring — just like they would at the bar!

It’s The Mule Wonderful Time Of Year

It’s the Mule Wonderful Time of the Year/Local Public Eatery

Price: $30

Anyone that has ever tried a Moscow Mule probably names it among their favourite drinks. In this box, LOCAL Public Eatery put together all of the ingredients needed — ginger beer (how festive!), lime, and vodka — so you can make it at home.

A Very Bubbly Christmas

A Very Bubbly Christmas/Local Public Eatery

Price: $25

Nobody has ever had a bad time drinking bubbles, and this box comes with a bottle of it. Did you know bubbly wine pairs perfectly with buttery (or greasy, or fried) food, like the buttered ranch popcorn that accompanies it in this box? It’s basically a New Year’s Eve starter’s kit.

It’s Bourbon To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s Bourbon to Look A Lot Like Christmas/Local Public Eatery

Price: $36

How amazing do bourbon sugar pies sound? Well in this box, you get two of them. And what pairs best with a bourbon sugar pie? More bourbon of course! The box also comes with 375ml of Bulleit Bourbon, one of the best tasting whiskeys for both sipping on and making cocktails with.

Dreaming Of A Rosé Christmas

Dreaming Of A Rosé Christmas/Local Public Eatery

Price: $50

This box comes with not one, not two, but three bottles of refreshing and fun rosé. Oh, and it also contains LOCAL’s famous buttered ranch popcorn. Drink one, save the other, and freeze the third to make frozen rosé!

Baileys It’s Cold Outside

Baileys It’s Cold Outside/Local Public Eatery

Price: $60

Baileys and Cinnamon Sugar Donuts. What else could you ever need, except someone to share it with? Cozy up with someone sweet to enjoy this delightful pairing.

All I Want For Christmas Is Tequila

All I Want For Christmas Is Tequila/Local Public Eatery

Price: $70

Maybe you can’t go to Mexico for Christmas this year, but you can open this box to bring Mexico straight into your kitchen. Grab your most colourful glasses, salt the rims, and get shaking! Included is the lime, the Cointreau, and of course, the tequila.

O Bubbly Night

O Bubbly Night/Local Public Eatery

Price: $100

With this box, your New Year’s Eve is covered. Or Christmas Eve. Or Christmas morning. Or any morning really (no judgement in 2020). Whenever you decide to open this box, you’ll find one bottle of Moët Champagne, two fancy Moët glasses, a buttered ranch popcorn kit, and a co-branded popcorn box to go with it. 

These holiday gift boxes can all be ordered on DoorDash and either delivered to your door or picked up same day. Feel free to visit any of their locations in-store, too. 

From now until December 31, you can buy a $50 LOCAL gift card and receive an extra $10 to spend at a LOCAL Public Eatery between January 1 to March 31, 2020. Whatever you choose to do with that extra $10 is totally up to you. Stocking stuffer? Maybe it falls into your wallet? We’ll leave it to the big guy to determine who’s been naughty or nice.

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