Local eatery launches takeout hub for authentic Japanese at home

Mar 1 2021, 8:16 pm

Supporting local restaurants is extremely important right now, and ordering takeout is one of the best ways you can do that.

Vancouver loves Japanese food, and there’s a local restaurant that has crafted an enchanting home dining experience just in time for the holidays.

Kokoro Ramen, not to be confused with Kokoro Mazesoba, is a ramen bar offering delicious original recipes through their one-of-a-kind takeout hub. 

Founded based on a shared passion for food in 2016, offering healthy, delicious, and authentic Japanese ramen is at the core of everything they do. The team’s outlook is that food is fuel for the body. As such, they strive to use the freshest ingredients possible in all their dishes.

Kokoro’s zero-waste philosophy means the team also goes to great lengths to ensure that all parts of the fish — right down to the fishbone — are put to good use. By offering ramen and omotenashi (traditional sushi, which will be returning to the menu in the spring), the Kokoro team is able to achieve “Mottainai” — a Japanese concept related to eliminating wastefulness.


The Kokoro Ramen Kitchen takeout menu includes 12 different types of ramen to choose from, including three vegetarian options. You can choose from pork broth, chicken broth, differing spice levels, vegan bowls, noodle substitutes, and many more custom options. There are over 20 different add-ons, like black garlic, fried onion, and broccoli.

Love ramen, but miss the ambience and aromas of a traditional noodle house? Kokoro also offers Craft Home Kits that let you cook their authentic Japanese dishes at home. The restaurant wanted to bring home cooking to the next level, so now you can whip up a bowl of Spicy Tan Tan Ramen or Creamy Chicken Ramen in the comfort your own kitchen. 


In addition to its usual menu offerings, the brand recently launched the Kokoro Lab Collaborative KitchenIt’s a collection of traditional Japanese comfort foods — all of which are available for takeout online. The goal was to share homemade craft Japanese food as a family meal — where the variety would please everyone in the family.

Participating restaurants include Karaage King, a local favourite that offers a blend of traditional and creative Japanese fried chicken recipes. Think teriyaki, spicy soy, and honey mustard. The karaage is then paired with fun toppings like freshly squeezed yuzu or creamy Japanese mayo.

It can be hard to find great Japanese curry in Vancouver, but the Kokoro Lab has brought one of the best brands right into their own kitchen. Pirates of the Curry offers a bit of everything, with pork, beef, shrimp, salmon, and chicken katsu curries served with rice and vegetables.

Another traditional dish found on the Lab’s online takeout menu is Don Doko Don’s selection of Japanese beef bowls. This hearty item is served with tender beef, rice, sweet sauce, and all of the additional toppings you could ever want, like onions or ginger.

With all of these available takeout options from Kokoro Ramen, you have the freedom to assemble a one-of-a-kind Japanese takeout meal. There are options to order larger feasts for the entire family, too, which is especially timely for the holiday season.

The only thing left to do is to place the order easily online. A confirmation order will be sent to your phone or email, and then you just pick it up at Kokoro Ramen.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a hot bowl of ramen or curating an entire feast for the family — Kokoro has you covered.

Place your first order today through Kokoro Ramen or the Kokoro Lab website and get 10% off by using the promo code SHOPLOCAL.

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