Local Business: Hardbite Potato Chips

Dec 19 2017, 4:47 am

Consumers have never been more health-conscious. After years of ingesting chemicals and processed ingredients and suffering from life-threatening side effects, everyone knows how important it is to read labels- after all, you are what you eat.

One man who has dedicated his life to preparing nutritious foods, through innovative methods, decided to step out of retirement and take on the ultimate challenge of producing healthier, yet delicious, potato chips. This statement is, arguably an oxymoron, but Sepp Amsler has achieved his goal.

“I take pride in Hardbite. My challenge to consumers is to savour Hardbite chips for 2 months and then try the competitors’ chips. In a recent blind taste test, the National Post rated Hardbite the number 1 chip against the other leading brands including Kettle, Ms. Vicky’s and TerraChips. Our chips contain zero trans fat, MSG, cholesterol and drastically reduced salt content, which is much lower than BC, AB and Ontario’s food guidelines”, says Sepp Amsler, President of Hardbite.

Hardbite is an artisan chip. Using locally grown chipper potatoes, these hand-crafted chips will never be
perfectly symmetrical, regular in shape, nor will they have an evenly corrugated surface.

Some key points:
•100 mile compliant.
•Only natural ingredients are used
•True kettle chip-outstanding crunch, which inspired the name.
•High in potassium, vitamin C. Source of folacin, iron and dietary fibre.
•A labor-intensive process- manually-raked and handcrafted in small batches
• Conduct factory tours.
• ‘All Natural’ flavor has only 30 mg of sodium per serving portion. Competing brands range from 150-620 mg.
• Flavoured with Himalayan crystallized salt (formed millions of years ago). This salt is in its original wholesome, unaltered natural form. All 84 known elements can be found in this crystal salt within which all life evolved. This salt is so powerful that only half the amount of salt is needed.
• Seven flavors: All Natural, Barbeque, Rock Salt and Vinegar, Jalapeno, Wild Onion and Yogurt, Canadian Cheddar and Roasted Onion and Creamy Coconut/Curry. Canadian Cheddar and Roasted

Hardbite can be sampled at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Jan 30 and 31st during the BC Food Expo.

Hardbite is available in most health and natural lifestyle food stores, as well as in the Natural / Organic Section of large retail chains. For more information and to view a complete list of retailers, visit www.homegrownfoods.com

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