Local boxing studio launches 30-day challenge in honour of badass women

Mar 10 2021, 5:04 pm

After a tumultuous year of enduring pandemic life, we could probably all use a little stress relief — and a local fitness studio is offering-up just that.

Rumble Boxing Studio, a self-proclaimed “fight club meets night club,” is a big proponent of taking life’s stresses out on the punching bag — and their latest promotion is all about encouraging women to get their gloves on.

The studio has launched a Women That Fight Month, which means an entire month is being dedicated to empowering and uplifting strong, badass women. As part of the initiative, everyone (including men!) is invited to register for the Women That Fight 30-Day Challenge — which includes 10 thirty-minute personal training sessions.

Participants will have the opportunity to nominate a woman in their life for a $350 Rumble package that includes personal training and Heavy Bag Group classes. Sign-ups are being accepted until March 15, and the 30-Day Challenge itself will be ongoing until April 15.

Throughout the month of March, Rumble will also be highlighting local women-owned businesses and directing a portion of sales from select services and retail products towards BC Women’s Health Foundation and Fast and Female.

Local women designers will be spotlighted with product showcases at Rumble’s local studios and on its social channels. In recognition of the importance of women and the issues that impact them, an International Women’s Day event was hosted on March 8 to increase awareness surrounding the cause.

Acknowledging that female empowerment is not a trend is key, according to the studio. Their hope is that generations of women will continue to use the sport as inspiration to lift each other up and fight together — especially since it’s a great opportunity for women to develop critical self-defence skills through boxing, effective footwork, distance control, and a variety of defence and attack manoeuvres.

Founded in 2016, Rumble has three studios — two in Calgary and one in Vancouver, with plans for expansion from coast to coast. The studio is known for providing a one-of-a-kind, badass fitness experience, fusing high-intensity boxing workouts with the electric ambience of a night on the dancefloor.

Above all, the studio prides itself on bringing more than just fitness to the table (or bag, we should say) and has gone to lengths to cultivate a community where everyone is welcome — including boxing newbies.


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Walking through its doors, newcomers have often commented on the palpable buzz that’s in the air and the warm social atmosphere that’s immediately discernible. In three words, Rumble’s owners describe their team as being: fun, friendly, and approachable.

The studio offers a range of workouts that can be tailored to individual styles and preferences, from punching it out on the heavy bag to personalized fitness programs. Each session promises to work out your legs, core, and upper body and to torch up to 700 calories. It’s a full-body affair, but with hard work, will translate to a toned and defined physique — and tons of mental health benefits.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can expect to sweat it out and leave feeling a little lighter than when you got there.

To register for the Women That Fight 30-Day Challenge and unleash your inner badass, you can visit rumbleboxing.com.

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