Live In YVR Vancouver Airport 80 days and 80 Nights Contest

Dec 19 2017, 5:00 am

It’s Vancouver airport’s 80th anniversary this summer and to celebrate, they are launching a contest to select an in-house reporter/storyteller to live at the airport for 80 days and 80 nights. And to make things really interesting, they can’t leave Sea Island the entire time.

The contest is called  [email protected], and in addition to an amazing 80-day adventure, the reporter/storyteller will be posting videos, photos, blog posts and social media content through a dedicated YVR channel. He/she will be letting people behind the scenes. What really happens at 2 a.m.? What happens when a celebrity comes into town through the airport? Where does your luggage go? In addition they’ll be telling all the stories there are to tell about YVR and its impact on the economy and community.

Contest Information:
To celebrate YVR’s 80th anniversary, Vancouver Airport Authority is going to provide someone with the opportunity of a lifetime. They are running a contest to find YVR’s resident Storyteller to LIVE at the airport for 80 days and 80 nights.

But if you’re going to be a houseguest for 80 days, you’re going to have to earn your keep. The winner of the contest will be provided with an HD video camera, editing software and access to the people, places, and behind-the-scenes spaces most have never seen. Until now.

The Storyteller will shoot video footage every day, editing together stories and uploading them to the [email protected] website ( – an online channel where they will share their 80 day experience with the world…as well as the stories, people and secrets that make YVR the number one rated airport in North America.

The [email protected] Storyteller will also tweet and update the [email protected] Facebook page regularly, as well as turn the camera on him/herself with weekly video diaries. (we want to know how they will feel on day 1…and on day 40…?!)

The storyteller will not be allowed to leave the airport and Sea Island for 80 days. But… the lucky [email protected] storyteller will get to sleep at The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel every night. Nice.

Do you love to meet people? Are you a storyteller at heart? Do you have strong video and editing know-how…lots of stamina…and most importantly, do you think that living at YVR for 80 days sounds pretty sweet? (Because we’re not kidding when we say that the winner can’t leave the airport or Sea Island for 80 days.)

If this sounds like you, visit to learn how to enter.

Key dates:
· June 23 – July 18:
Submit your video entry (all approved video submissions will be posted on the site for the public to view)

· July 25

YVR will announce up to five finalists

· July 25 – August 5:

Public votes on the finalists and chooses the [email protected] winner

· August 17:

[email protected] Storyteller is announced and he/she starts day 1 of 80 days at YVR (until November 4)

YVR Fun and Important Facts

  • YVR’s south runway is the equivalent of 85 regulation hockey rinks, 38 regulation soccer fields and 47 Boeing 747’s lined up nose to tail.
  • In 2010, the direct GDP generated by YVR is $1.9 Billion.
  • There are over 5000 creatures living in the main aquarium including two wolf eels that are used for breeding.
  • More than 6,000 lights are used on the airfield at YVR.
  • There are 23,600 employees who work on Sea Island, 400 businesses and over 160 shops, services and restaurants.
  • On average, more than 46,000 bags travel through YVR’s baggage system daily. Bags travel at a rate of 1.2 metres per second through the system.
  • YVR opened on July 22, 1931 and is celebrating its 80th anniversary this July 22nd, 2011

· The top five most popular destinations from YVR are:

  1. Toronto
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Hong Kong

YVR is a leader in energy conservation and sustainability:

  • YVR was the first organization to be designated a BC Hydro Power Smart Certified Customer;
  • YVR was the first airport in North America to use LED lighting on its taxiways;
  • YVR is the first airport in Canada to install a solar wind turbine lighting system. The solar wind turbine illuminates a pumping station near Sea Island Canada Line station;
  • Two solar-powered hot water systems heat more than 5,678 litres of tap water every hour for YVR’s terminals, resulting in more than $110,000 in energy savings each year.

Image: Vincent Mounier

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