Little Mountain Redevelopment Neighbourhood Model Photos

Dec 19 2017, 5:55 am

Vancouver’s Little Mountain social/market housing development is up for vote at City Hall today. Council is expected to pick one of three competing proposals. Here are the scale models for Holbron Properties current proposal for the site.

As you can see the scale of the development closely resembles the Olympic village model. The buildings are very close to each other and will be low to mid-rise in form.

3 Little Mountain Redevelopment Options being voted on

1. Holborn Properties is proposing  that the tallest building be 14 storeys and roughly 1,800 units for the site.

2. City staff have proposed a 12-storey height limit with a total of 1,625-unit plan.

3. The community wants a 10 storey limit and 1,400 units.

The plan also calls for very little retail, so don’t expect big chains to be part of the plan for the redevelopment of Little Mountain. No doubt this is in place to curtail impact on the Main Street small businesses that line the street. However, that being said, there is very little retail options close to the site.

Once complete, the neighbourhood could house anywhere between 3500-5000 people.

All images by Built Form at SSP

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