Liquor licensing expanded for Celebration of Light and other big summer events

Dec 19 2017, 1:51 pm

Some of the city’s biggest summer festivals will include a bigger liquor component thanks to a February 2 vote from the Vancouver Park Board.

The Park Board unanimously voted to increases areas for alcohol consumption at the Honda Celebration of Light, KitsFest and Sarah McLachlan’s Voices in the Park concert.

For the Celebration of Light, the Park Board granted a 300-person private special occasion license near the Inukshuk at English Bay. The new area will be named the Inukshuk Lounge and feature the addition of reserved seating and table service, including food and alcohol. Tickets for a spot in the Lounge will cost $119. Also granted was a 750-person public special occasion license at Sunset Beach Park. The ‘Sunset Beach Bistro’ will include sponsor activations, food vendors and a music stage. The Bistro is a free, family-friendly addition to the event.

KitsFest, the annual event at Kitsilano Beach which features competitive outdoor sports, was granted three public special occasion licenses for a total capacity of 800 people, an increase from the previous allowance of 500.

The Voices in the Park concert in Stanley Park, led by Sarah McLachlan, will now utilize the upper and lower fields at Brockton Point for vendors, as well as wine and beer sales. The event, while all-ages friendly, will feature both an alcohol-free zone and specified licensed areas.

This vote follows other recent efforts to diminish the ‘No Fun City’ moniker that often plagues Vancouver. In May 2013, the Park Board granted liquor licenses for the Coastal Jazz Festival, Vancouver Urban Spaces and the lululemon Seawheeze event. Alcohol sales were approved for the Honda Celebration of Light in 2011 and again expanded in 2014 for an increased capacity of 1,200.

Featured Image: Bolandia