Limelife Society pot dispensary allegedly linked to organized crime

Dec 19 2017, 4:49 pm

The Limelife Society marijuana dispensary on Rupert Street is currently under investigation by the Vancouver Police Department after authorities learned the the store allegedly had ties to organized crime.

Police have since executed a search warrant on the establishment located at 4866 Rupert Street. One employee was arrested and released on the scene.

The VPD says they determined in July the store was illegally selling drugs to youth and those without a license.

“Our priority remains focused on violent drug traffickers and those who jeopardize the safety of youth and the marginalized in our community,” says VPD’s Sergeant Randy Fincham. “The VPD will continue to respond to residents’ concerns and take enforcement action if it is required.”

Limelife Society’s website states they are “dedicated to providing a professional environment to qualified members who require access to medicinal cannabis in BC, Canada.” They operate four locations in Vancouver on Rupert, Broadway, Granville Street and Hastings Street, and one location in Nanaimo.

In April of this year, VPD also announced a search and arrest operation made in relation to the Weeds marijuana dispensary on West 4th Avenue. At that time, police said their priority remains focusing on violent drug traffickers and those who target youth and the marginalized.

The VPD says they have made 10 search warrants on illegal marijuana stores to date.