Lightning strike kills 3 horses in Maple Ridge

Dec 19 2017, 8:17 am

Three horses in Maple Ridge were killed by a lightning strike during yesterday’s thunderstorm.

Four horses were believed to be hiding under a tree during the violent. A lightning bolt hit the tree they were hiding under, killing three of the four of the horses – leaving just one alive.

The devastating incident also comes as a lesson for the public to never hide under a tree during a lightning storm. Trees make great targets for lightning strikes. They are often the tallest objects around, especially in an open field or farm, and contain many pointy tips that act as a great conductor.

The electric current from a lightning strike will often travel down the tree trunk and through the people or animals hiding under it.

According to Environment Canada, more than 1,100 lightning strikes were recorded throughout the day in the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver. The storm caused flash flooding, thousands of power outages, knocked out traffic lights, and blew up and set fire to trees.

Lightning also disrupted operations at Vancouver International Airport, with many flights delayed or canceled throughout the day.

This was the second major thunderstorm to roll into the region in less than a week. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported.


Image: Jeff Sakata

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