You can get $500 off a Lighthouse Labs part-time course and start your coding journey

Jul 11 2017, 4:12 am

Ever wanted to learn how to code but didn’t know where to start?

For a limited time Canada’s leading coding bootcamp, Lighthouse Labs is offering massive discounts for all their Part-Time introductory courses in 2017.

That’s right.

The educational institution empowers students and helps them gain technical software development skills with guidance from a community of professional industry experts. And they’ll be running these promotions across their Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Calgary locations.

So if you register and pay tuition for any of their 2017 part-time courses between now and August 10, you’ll save a whopping $500.

Lighthouse Labs/Facebook

Why take an intro course? You’ll learn the fundamentals of Web or iOS development, how to communicate with a team of developers and have the chance to try building your own basic apps. Many professionals take these courses to accelerate their learning, increase their digital literacy and improve their proficiency at working with a wide range of technologies.

If you’d like to try out coding to see if you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg, you should register for an Intro to Web or Intro to iOS course at Lighthouse Labs. This way, you can still keep your full-time hustle and get web educated in your free time.

The best part? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any coding experience. You’ll go from no coding experience to building beautiful, functional apps just by attending classes for two evenings a week for six weeks.

Yes, seriously.

Lighthouse Labs works because the hands-on and personalized courses are guided by amazing developers who will mentor you throughout the course. And that makes it one of the top places in Canada to study and become the next great developer.

To learn more about this promotion, visit Lighthouse Labs online. Interested in taking a full-time Bootcamp instead? Check out the Early Bird Challenge promotion to find out how you can save $500. To stay in the know and get the latest updates, check out Lighthouse Labs on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. You can also sign up to the newsletter on their website and sign up for a free workshop.

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