The top 3 delicious yogurts that are perfect for brunch in bed

Sep 29 2017, 2:12 am

Forget about your alarm clock going off – now it’s the weekend.

That means you have the luxury of doing whatever you want to do, your way. This could mean sleeping in for an extra few hours, calling a friend to catch up on the weekly gossip, or indulging in a late breakfast in bed.

It’s the little things that count. But if you’re going to do brunch in bed, you’ll want to do it the right way, and that means doing it like a royal. We’re not talking about buying a gold-plated breakfast trolley and hiring a butler to prepare food for you. And that’s because you can do everything yourself – with close to zero effort.

To help you plan for the ultimate brunch in bed like a royal this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of seven things that will make it complete.

Put cotton sheets on your bed


The venue for your ultimate lazy day brunch? Your queen-size bed. You’ll want to feel the essence of comfort, and that starts with your sheets – opulent Egyptian cotton sheets. When you feel the soft, breathable material against your skin, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner. Bonus points if you have extra pillows and cushions to relax with, too.

Play some music

Turn on your favourite playlist and get your zen on. After all, you don’t have to work today! Having the time to listen to music in your comfy bed means you’ve scored the ultimate chill-out time. Soul music makes for some good mellow background sound that will help ease you into your day, whenever you feel like starting it. And that’s after brunch, of course.

Enjoy a yogurt breakfast

Having brunch in bed means you’re saving money on a hefty café bill. Plus, you’re saving yourself the time that you’d otherwise spend waiting to be served. Some fresh, crunchy yogurt goes perfect with practically anything else you’re craving. Better yet, you can enjoy your fresh royal brunch with few carbs and protein, packed full of taste – and we’re specifically referencing Liberté Greek Crunch. Just imagine a greek coconut yogurt with dark chocolate and honey-roasted almonds over a toasted scone. The best part? There’s more than one flavour! Divine.

Dress in your favourite nightgown


The best thing about having brunch at home is that you don’t have to wear any makeup and you can dress in your favourite pyjamas. So whatever you’d like to wear – go for it! Go for a long silk nightgown, an oversized cotton T-shirt, or even a onesie. Epic.

Use an oil diffuser

Oil diffuser/Shutterstock

Everything is better when your bedroom smells pristine. Using an oil diffuser when you have your weekend brunch could help you relax further thanks to some sweet scents. With oils like eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, aromatherapy, and lavender, it’s easy to find the one that matches the mood you’re going for.

Have your dog join you


Okay, even if you implement a strict no pets rule for your fave furniture, it’s brunch day and you’re feeling generous. So why not let your furry friend jump up on the bed to chill with you? They’ll enjoy the company and you will too. If you’re feeling generous then you might even let them nibble on your food.


Sip from a cup of tea


Since the weather is getting colder, you’re going to want to sip on a hot drink to warm up. Tea is the perfect brunch accompaniment. So why not opt for a chai, green, or lemon and ginger tea to start your brunch in bed the right way. You’ll relish over each cup as you watch an episode of your favourite series in bed thinking ‘this could actually be the best brunch ever’.

You can have brunch like a royal this weekend and enjoy every second of it. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on food since Liberté Greek Crunch makes an amazing brunch snack. Plus, it comes in amazing flavours; greek vanilla bean with caramel and dark chocolate, topped with salted almonds, or greek plain yogurt that’s slightly sweet with salted cashews, praline pecans, and topped with salted almonds.

Liberté Greek Crunch is made with wholesome and premium ingredients, offering the crunchiest texture ever found in yogurt. It’s the perfect fusion of taste and texture to elevate your snacking ritual. Oh, it also boasts unique and easy-to-use packaging, too, which takes your yogurt game to a whole new level. You can purchase the yogurts in grocery stores across Canada – all three flavours come in the handy 2 x 130g size at a suggested retail price of $3.99.

For more information about Liberté Crunch, visit the yogurt purveyor on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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