From the Vancity Buzz office: The LG 34" Ultrawide LED IPS Monitor rocks

Dec 19 2017, 12:33 pm

Technology is a key category for our operations at Vancity Buzz. It was made quite evident after moving into our new office in downtown Vancouver, and thanks to our friends at Best Buy, we’ve been outfitted with a medley of exciting tech to keep our site running turnkey.

One of our favourite office additions is the new, massive LG 34” Ultrawide LED IPS Monitor (Model: 34UM65), complete with a five-millisecond response time. This is one of the most beautiful monitors we’ve laid our eyes on and we’re thankful the good people at Best Buy and LG Canada are enhancing our viewing experience.

LG 34UM65

We’ve been used to working on 20-24″ 16:9 screens, so when we unboxed this giant, we were a weary on the size. But after a few minutes of using it, you realize just how great this is. Visually and functionally, this screen does it all.

One of our favourite features is “work mode,” where with one click of the mouse you can split the screen in four to multi-task and do things like edit our photos, post the latest upcoming events and contests, and more.

Another nifty feature is the “Dual Link” mode. Much like many digital artists, or office environments, having multiple screens to get the work done is a huge help. This too lets us efficiently post and review content. Also, Dual Link allows two compatible portable devices like the computer, camera or phone to view content simultaneously on the fancy Ultrawide LED IPS monitor, or multitask with a gaming device.

At VcB, many staff love gaming and watching movies, and the cinemaesque screen design offers a high quality display resolution outputting super realistic imagery in a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Speaking of design, the LG 34” Ultrawide LED IPS Monitor is a masterpiece to lay your eyes on. It contains the huge 34” monitor and a super-slim black bezel to maximize the viewing surface, while being held up by a clear and black base which helps save on desk space.

Sound quality is fantastic too.  This monitor comes equipped with integrated stereo speakers delivering realistic sound, so no need for extra speakers to clutter the workspace.

We give two thumbs up to the new LG 34” Ultrawide LED IPS Monitor. It’s available at Best Buy, and you can check it out here.

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