Open letter to owner of pit bull dog killed at Kitsilano Beach

Dec 19 2017, 8:54 am

My heart goes out to you. I want to thank you for penning such a beautiful and heartfelt letter. Losing a beloved one, whether it be a child, spouse or a pet, is truly heart wrenching.

My heart is heavy thinking about the backlash you must be reading, just for your pup being the breed it was.

I myself own an American Bulldog, and she is the sweetest most loveable creature just like your Pandora. Constantly giving kisses to children and adults alike.

I know myself, just walking down the street, I have had plenty of praise on her looks and temperament, but have also had negative reactions as well. People gasp and throw themselves against a wall until we walk by (I kid you not, this actually happens) but what’s upsetting is that certain owners of small dogs seem to be the ones who allow their pets to be out of control.

I cannot recount the amount of times I’ve had little dogs jumping all over me or attacking my own dog, and the owners of the small dogs do nothing because they think it’s funny.

It’s so ridiculous that I cannot help but laugh because it makes me uncomfortable… uncomfortable with how people assume because of certain breeds, that there needs to be stereotype.

I am constantly feeling on edge to make sure she is always on her best behaviour for fear of what has happened to you.

I am thankful that you have a strong voice and are speaking from a place of love and rationale. I only hope that more people see your message, and I really hope that maybe the authorities should ask what that gentleman was doing with a blade in his pocket in the first place.

This should be a huge wake up call for all dog owners alike: to follow the rules of the parks and whenever your dog is brought out into a public place. I know that no words can take away the pain you and your family are going through, but please know, there are people out there that have you all in our thoughts.

Submitted anonymously.


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Image: dogboxstudio / Shutterstock