Ledge outside BC Place to blame for death of two off-leash dogs

Dec 19 2017, 6:33 pm

A concrete ledge hiding a 10 metre drop outside BC Place has caused several off-leash dogs to fall to the pavement below.

According to the CBC, Yaletown Pet Hospital, located just below BC Place, says two dogs have died and another was severely injured after falling from the ledge in the past year.

The problem stems from dogs who have been playing while off-leash near the ledge. They see what looks to be a park on the other side of the barrier so they climb over, without realizing there’s a steep drop.

Some feel the plaza is a type of optical illusion for dogs and have asked BC Place to put in extra safety measures.

BC Place responded with a statement, saying it’s “deeply saddened” by what’s taken place and that an engineer was brought in to make sure the barrier is fully up to code. Additional signage was also put up advising people of the drop and to keep their pets leashed in the area.

But is it enough?

Devin Drewitz, who had his husky Jake fall from the ledge, is stunned that there’s no guardrail on the ledge.


Featured Image: Rishad Daroowala via Flickr

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