The Leafs now have the longest Stanley Cup drought in NHL history

Jun 1 2021, 12:07 pm

Toronto Maple Leafs fans might as well get kicked in the teeth one more time, eh?

After losing yet another Game 7 on Monday night to the Montreal Canadiens, the Leafs now hold a distinction they do not want:

The longest cup drought in NHL history.

Technically, they’re tied with the 1940-1994 New York Rangers at 53 seasons, but they’ll eclipse that mark once the puck drops on the new season come October, assuming the league starts play on time. (The Leafs also missed a season in there due to the 2004-05 lockout.)

Here’s the list of the longest Cup droughts in NHL history.

Team Previous Stanley Cup Next Stanley Cup Drought length
New York Rangers 1939–40 1993–94 53 seasons
Toronto Maple Leafs 1966–67 N/A 53 seasons
St. Louis Blues never (since 1967–68) 2018–19 50 seasons
Buffalo Sabres never (since 1970–71) N/A 50 seasons
Vancouver Canucks never (since 1970–71) N/A 50 seasons
Chicago Black Hawks 1960–61 2009–10 47 seasons
Philadelphia Flyers 1974–75 N/A 45 seasons
Los Angeles Kings never (since 1967–68) 2011–12 43 seasons
Washington Capitals never (since 1974–75) 2017–18 42 seasons
Detroit Red Wings 1954–55 1996–97 41 seasons

The Leafs are also creeping up the leaderboards on another unwanted list: the longest time in between playoff series wins, now at 16 full seasons.

Team Previous series win Next series win Series win drought
Win. Jets / Phx Coyotes 1986–87 2011–12 25 seasons
Florida Panthers 1995–96 24 seasons
New York Islanders 1992–93 2015–16 23 seasons
New York Rangers 1949–50 1970–71 20 seasons
Atl. Thrashers / Win. Jets never (since 1999–2000) 2017–18 17 seasons
Columbus Blue Jackets never (since 2000–01) 2018–19 17 seasons
Chicago Black Hawks 1943–44 1960–61 16 seasons
Toronto Maple Leafs 2003–04 16 seasons
Hfd Whalers / Car. Hurricanes 1985–86 2001–02 15 seasons
Calgary Flames 1988–89 2003–04 14 seasons
Buffalo Sabres 2006–07 14 seasons

Source: Wikipedia

After one of the best regular seasons in team history but another first-round playoff loss, they really just might be a cursed franchise.

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