Leafs Fan in Van - An Introduction

Dec 19 2017, 5:07 am

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is OMITTED. I am a huge sports fan. If my TV had a home page like my internet browser it would be TSN, not Rogers Sportsnet Pacific. Why would I choose TSN you ask? Because I am a Maple Leafs fan.

This is my first post in a new series on Vancitybuzz known simply as Leafs Fan in Van. Unlike the other sports writers in this city (you know who you are) I don’t have a broner for the Sedin sisters, Bieksa’s elf ear or Roberto “shoot low” Luongo. I’ll be reporting throughout the season on the comings & goings of the team who call the same city home as I do.

I was born in Ontario, I grew up in New Brunswick and now I have lived in Vancouver for 5 years.  I got into hockey back when Doug Gilmour, Wenel Clark & Felix (pre Canucks goalie graveyard stop) Potvin were carrying the Leafs deep into the playoffs year after year. That being said, what kid growing up in the 90’s didn’t love Pavel Bure? The Canucks do interest me. I was cheering for them against Boston in June (see Leafs/Bruins decades old rivalry & Tomas Kabele).

All that into consideration I am a Leafs fan. I always have been and I ALWAYS will be.  I welcome your hate comments and I will laugh along with you when the Leafs jokes start. But unlike a high percentage of the people who claim that “We Are ALL Canucks” I won’t be turning my back on my team when they are not at the top.

Find me on Twitter at @Vancouver_Leafs