7 reasons to attend Vancouver's Lawn Summer Nights

Dec 20 2017, 12:24 am

A chance to go to the Lawn Summer Nights charity event is hard to come by. Every year, all 42 team spots sell out within the sale period’s first 90 seconds.

The month-long fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Canada has raised over a million dollars since 2009 when it first began. The grand finale, on July 23, will be a celebration of philanthropy, fun, outrageous outfits, free food, whimsy and cheap cocktails all for a good cause. 

Below are seven reasons why you should attend Lawn Summer Nights next year. The event is held at Vancouver’s Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club.


Most of us never get an to opportunity to dress Wimbledon preppy, in beautiful hats, colourful pastels and fun creative costumes. Lawn Summer Nights is a fun filled affair where you get to see or be can-can ladies (Moulawn Rouge), football players (Friday Night Lawns) or girl scouts (Troop Beverlawn Hills).

Lawn bowling

Most people who lawn bowl are old enough to be permanently bent over. But this charity event jazzes up the sport up with drinks, ironic attire and a fun atmosphere.


This event gives people an opportunity to partake in a sport they normally wouldn’t take part in and support those with cystic fibrosis, the most common fatal genetic illness affecting young Canadians.

Over the last seven years, Summer Lawn Nights has raised over a million dollars for various Cystic Fibrosis Canada chapters across the country.

Free food

Everything tastes better when it’s free, especially BBQ. The Manchester Pub donates all food fitting all dietary needs.

The pun-tastic names

It wouldn’t be Lawn Summer Nights without a slew of cringe-worthy punny names. Here a few that raised the bar high:

  • Lawn Awkward Pauses
  • The Lawn Trapp Family Bowlers
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
  • Lawn Burgundy
  • Beverlawn Hills: 9021BOWL


Most times when we pay for $8 drink at the bar, the money goes straight into the pockets of rich club owners. Every dollar that comes from buying drinks at Lawn Summer Nights has always been donated to the cause. So really, the more you drink, the better person you are.

The after party

Nothing is more hip and happening than an after party. It’s for the champions, the defeated and everyone else who couldn’t get a team or was working late. At 10 p.m. bowlers make their way into Manchester Pub and get their post-party on.

To learn more about Lawn Summer Nights and/or to donate to a team, please visit: http://lawnsummernights.com/

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