Launch Academy to host Student Startup Challenge

Attention post-secondary students: Launch Academy – Vancouver’s “leading entrepreneurship facility” – welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs to their inaugural student startup challenge. The Student Startup Challenge (S.S.C.), Launch Academy’s latest initiative, is a competition that encourages B.C. post-secondary students to pitch and build their startup ideas.

The Student Startup Challenge is open to B.C. residents who are students or recent graduates of their respective schools. “Young entrepreneurs are the driving force of our nation’s economic growth and it is important for us to provide them with the resources to kick start their ventures ” said Ray Walia, Executive Director of Launch Academy.

The top five teams will receive three months free working space in Vancouver’s “premier technology hub” where they will receive help in “bringing their ideas to life.” The top teams will also receive mentorship from “some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors and professionals.”  The competition welcomes any web- or mobile-based idea. Students can enter Launch Academy’s Student Startup Challenge by submitting a 60 second elevator pitch video (through by Sunday, May 19.

At the end of the three months, the cohort will have the chance to pitch their ideas to prominent angel investors and venture capitalists, and compete for a total of $5,000 in cash prize, generously sponsored by L.X. Ventures (TSX.V: LXV)

“L.X. Ventures is proud to support young entrepreneurs.” said Mike Edwards, C.E.O. and President of L.X. Ventures. “Innovation and progress need to be nurtured from early on. L.X. Ventures wants to help by providing avenues for these young entrepreneurial talents to bring their ideas to light.”

Those interested in participating don’t need a business plan or a prototype. The eligible teams must have at least one person with a technical background, but entrepreneurs with ideas are encouraged to join the (Student Startup Challenge’s) Facebook page to meet potential cofounders.

About Launch Academy

Launch Academy is a preaccelerator program that helps entrepreneurs (finish) their startups through education, mentorship and networking opportunities. (The academy) has established an environment where ideas are (examined), business models are tested and successes are celebrated. Launch Academy… (houses) more than 65 startups and 120 entrepreneurs.

Founded on the values of innovation, opportunities and accountability, Launch Academy addresses the lack of startup education and resources affecting Vancouver entrepreneurs. Launch Academy aims to build a vibrant startup ecosystem and a prosperous economy where new jobs are created and new markets are discovered.

(Launch Academy aims) to enhance the B.C. technology startup ecosystem by filtering for the best early stage startups, and channeling the best of these to Canadian later-stage accelerators and investors.

(The academy also aims) to be a foundation for B.C.-based technology startups by providing office space, high-profile mentoring connections, technology and networking events, and both a physical and social environment that encourages best-practices for (companies in their early stages).

For more information visit:, or this Student Startup Challenge file.

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