LASTCALL Hangover Prevention Drink

Dec 19 2017, 1:35 pm

Partying this long weekend? A local start-up has the hangover prevention with a cool-looking drink called LASTCALL. The bottle and delivery system are patented. The ingredients are a combination of vitamins, plant extracts and electrolytes to help you recover and replenish quickly. LASTCALL has also appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and is the first ever company to get all five Dragons on board.

LASTCALL’s powerful formula is contained in a jewel-like bottle and multi-part cap that blend form and function into an innovative delivery system that’s stunningly attractive, highly functional and extensively patented. The multi-part cap hermetically protects the active ingredients until the user is ready to consume the drink. The air and watertight seal is then broken releasing the proprietary formulation into the water. This allows LASTCALL’s ingredients to be delivered at maximum potency without the use of chemical preservatives, mixing agents or pasteurization.

Having invested extensively in product development, prototypes and patents, LASTCALL is seeking funding through Indiegogo to help bring it into full production and distribution. This is an exciting opportunity to help launch a brand which establishes hangover prevention as a serious functional beverage.

LASTCALL is using a cool system to fund its development, called crowdfunding.

You can purchase LASTCALL on Indiegogo today, and arrive to work on time the next day fresh and productive!

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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