Langley's dead crow tries to compete with Toronto's dead raccoon

Dec 19 2017, 4:11 pm

Toronto, we see you one dead raccoon and raise you a dead crow.

Following the Toronto raccoon that went viral after it was given a vigil when the city delayed disposing of the deceased, a crow memorial has popped up in Langley.


The crow lying in the grass at 198th Street and 64th Street is surrounded by candles (unlit of course), a framed silhouette, roses, and notes of condolences. The hashtag #RIPcrow seems to be gaining traction.

This was likely inspired by the untimely death of a local Toronto raccoon whose carcass was ignored by the city when calls were placed to clean it up. A vigil then followed.


Raccoon update: he’s still here. Someone has written him a card.

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The story of the unfortunate raccoon made it to Buzzfeed and Vice. Will #RIPCrow garner the same level of attention that #DeadRacoonTO did? Monitor the hashtag to find out.