New BC landlord registry aims to help renters check on landlords

Oct 27 2016, 7:44 pm

Good news renters!

Soon you’ll be able to check up on your landlords online and see just how much they know about your rights.

LandlordBC is launching a new Landlord Registry, listing landlords who have gained an I Rent It Right certification on residential tenancy laws and practices.

David Hutniak, CEO of LandlordBC, told Daily Hive the ultimate goal is to give tenants “increased confidence” in their prospective or current landlords.

“It’s about the professionalization of the industry, to improve the quality of rental housing,” said Hutniak.

Landlords will only be added to the registry after they have taken a Landlord 101 course, and scored at least 80% on the end exam.

Hutniak said the I Rent It Right platform, which will be aimed at small landlords of suites and condos, will also be used to offer ongoing e learning.

“This will be a tool for landlords to gain knowledge about the Residential Tenancy Act and the business of being a landlord,” said Hutniak.

‘Pride in business’

Renters will be able to access the Landlord Registry for free and search by simply entering the rental address or name of the landlord.

In a release, LandlordBC says this will be the first registry of its kind in North America and also aims to mitigate the number of landlord/tenant disputes.

“This certificate will let prospective tenants know that their landlord takes pride in the business and has an understanding of the Residential Tenancy Act,” said the release.

Landlords will have to pay $39+tax to take the optional course and test for inclusion in the registry; the certification will then be valid for three years.

Hutniak says the Landlord Registry will have a “soft launch” and be available to all to use by the end of November, but won’t be launched formally until January 1, 2017.

Check your rights

If you want to know more about your rights as a renter, or have a dispute you need to resolve with your landlord, head to the BC website on Residential Tenancies.