Lakers can win next season with two moves!

The Los Angeles Lakers made the trade of the year, and looked like an instant NBA Finals contender before the shortened season even started. But NBA commissioner David Stern had to rain on their parade and nix the deal without an explanation after several owners threw a tantrum like a 7 year old would after losing its favourite toy.  After the Lakers didn’t get Chris Paul and kept Pau Gasol, it sealed the Lakers fate for this season, but now it’s time to go back to the drawing board this off-season, so they can get back to the NBA Finals.  The Lakers can win now with a top five point guard and a consistent big man in the middle. What about Andrew Bynum you ask?  After his performance in the playoffs, I don’t think he deserves to dawn the gold and purple jersey.   The consistent big man in the middle they need is Dwight Howard.   It seems more and more likely that he wants to be a Laker and the Lakers could definitely use him over Andrew Bynum.

You won’t succeed with Sessions or Blake.
Lakers won’t succeed with Sessions and Blake as their point guards.  Even though Sessions can play well, he’s a very inconsistent point guard, and plays well off and on.  The Lakers do have several choices for a new starting point guard.  Deron Williams will be available and also Victoria’s Steve Nash will be another at PG.  In my opinion, Nash could be the best quick solution for the Lakers at the moment.  Bryant is 33 and aging fast, the time is now for the Lakers and watching Nash and Bryant next season could be fun to watch if they click together.  Fitting Nash into Coach Brown’s system could be a stretch, but in the end, the Lakers will be oozing with talent, and quite possibly playing in June next season if the chemistry is good.

Cap Room is a problem?
Cap room is another issue for this troubled Lakers team.  But a few trades that eliminate locker room problem Andrew Bynum and the underperforming Pau Gasol can help the Lakers fill in the blanks with role players on the bench.  The second move?  Dwight Howard is a perfect fit with this Lakers team, and after months of flirting with many teams including the Lakers during the regular season, Howard would definitely give Bryant a couple more chances to win another NBA Championship before he retires.

Am I Dreaming?
Is this just me simply dreaming? Or could this be a reality?  Whatever this is, after seeing Mitch Kupchaks face at the end of the Lakers loss to Oklahoma City, it was obvious that changes are in store for this troubled Lakers Crew.  Could there be a coaching change? Possibly, but does Mike Brown deserve to be fired?  He went into this season with a blindfold over his eyes, how was he supposed to know what to expect?  Don’t be surprised if the Lakers lose either Bynum or Gasol.  Both players underperformed in the playoffs and in crucial moments, and I am sure Kupchak will do anything to get rid of either.  One thing for sure, Kupchak has to eliminate salary and pick up young talent for the bench, and then make a huge splash in the free agent market by picking up a PG to help out Blake and Sessions or pick up Dwight Howard, so it gives them the opportunity to win now!  This definitely could be a long offseason for Laker fans, and the whole team.