Lakers are nothing without Kobe Bryant

Dec 19 2017, 5:45 am

Laker fans might hate me when I say this, but the Lakers will lose this series.  Why you ask?  Oh I got a few reasons.  Its games like these for a Basketball coach that make them want to pull a Bobby Knight during a game and throw a chair across the court.The Lakers were good, and then they were exhausted.  They had swag like they were going to win the game, and then they got swagged out.   One thing for me, and I’ve said this all season and all series, If Kobe doesn’t have a supporting cast along with him, the Lakers are just another team, but if Kobe and Co. work together and fight back, we have the Los Angeles Lakers.  In the final minutes of Game 4 Saturday night, we just had the Lakers, there was no LA Lakers.  If you think Kobe can come back to fight it out in OKC tonight by himself and keep the Lakers in it, think again, OKC have the Lakers right where they want them.

Don’t be quick to judge Kobe Bryant, he was a great player last night, but in all seriousness he needs a big supporting cast behind him that is consistent.  It seems like Pau Gasol only plays when he wants too, and Andrew Bynum is the flakiest player I’ve ever seen in my life.  If the Lakers want to win this series and beat the Thunder, they need to be quicker, stronger, and consistent with each game they play.  The Lakers had a strong 1st half with their post ups and baskets, but slowly faded away as the game went on.  A Basketball coach always wants to have tight defense in a tight game, so when Metta World Peace stood back with 13 seconds to go and let Durant drain that three, coaches around the world were shaking their heads and probably were screaming at the TV just like I was. It almost seemed like as the game went on, everyone on the Lakers backed off, and let Kobe take over.  But as the game did go on Kobe eventually started to get tired and made some horrible shots, its times like those when you need the team to help back you up.

Here’s a better question, where was Ramon Sessions last night? I thought he was supposed to be the saviour the Lakers needed? Like I said this whole article, if Kobe doesn’t have help, the Lakers won’t win this series.  Some might believe that Kobe can beast his way through a game by himself, and I believe he can also, but these are the playoffs, one hungry Kobe vs. Five hungry Thunder players will not end up well for the Lakers.  The Lakers need Bynum to be posting up all game, too be strong, and grab as many boards as possible to keep the Lakers in the game.  Pau Gasol needs to man up, and get tougher down low and get those grittier baskets.  If all these come together, you got a great basketball team and a team ready to go all the way to the NBA Finals.

Consistent defense, strong play down low, and consistent offense has to be the gameplan for the LA Lakers for the rest of the series.  It’s do or die tonight for the Lakers, will the season go on? Or will it be another chapter for this storied franchise?  Leave a comment below and tell us who you think will win the game.


Twitter: @KevinCawthra