Krokodile Pear expands cold-pressed organic juice bar to Yaletown

Dec 19 2017, 8:34 pm

Krokodile Pear is an organic cold-pressed juice bar in Vancouver, and they’ve just made their delicious products even more available to us by opening a second store in Yaletown.

I had the pleasure of getting a tour of the new space and having a chat with owner Nick Lewis on his vision for the Yaletown store and what he hopes to accomplish.

Like the original location in Kitsilano, there is a bright, airy and welcoming feel when you walk in to the Yaletown store. In Yaletown the ceilings are high, the walls are white, and there is a gorgeous long communal table to sit at and enjoy your beverage. The top of the walls have a decorative panel that doesn’t distract from the height of the ceilings, but adds a fun texture to the walls. And then there are those tiles. The cool, funky and bold black, grey and white tiles that add that extra pizzaz and unique character to the space.

Krokodile Pear

This new store reaches that Yaletown demographic who understand the value of the products and believe in healthy living. Krokodile Pear is also appealing to those who need convenience – the juices are made fresh each morning and stored in the fridge for customers to grab and go, which eliminates the wait time of when the juice is being pressed.

On the menu there are a range of juices that appeal to a variety of different tastes. The fresh juice beginners can ease in by grabbing a jar of “The Chief” for a deliciously creamy nut milk that has hints of vanilla and sweetened by coconut sugar. It’s good to drink just on its own or with one of the raw food goodies they have from Zimt Chocolates. What a way to have an indulgent but healthy ‘coffee’ break! 

For those that want a serious green drink, the “Cathedral Grove” is all green all the time, and even has the nutrient rich superfood E3 Live in it to give you an extra kick. There’s also the middle ground of fruit and green juice blends. Check out the full menu.


Krokodile Pear’s FAQ page is a great resource if you have questions about the benefits of drinking cold-pressed organic juice. From a holistic nutrition perspective, what I love about this company is that regardless of what kind of drink you decide on, you will know it’s healthy and good for your body. Pick one up just because, or go in and ask which drink will be best to help you kick that cold or boost your digestion. 

You can find your same favourite juices and blended juices as the Kitsilano location, but keep an eye out on their Facebook and Twitter accounts because the menu will be expanding. Nick and his team are creating more juices, nut milks and, what I’m most excited for, a cold brewed coffee with nut milk beverage! How delicious does that sound?

Krokodile Pear uses the term “blended juice” instead of “smoothie” intentionally. There can be a lot of confusion about what makes a healthy smoothie, and with every fast food chain jumping on board to offer “healthy” smoothies, Krokodile Pear wanted to differentiate what they do. There is nothing but fresh, whole food organic ingredients in their blended juices, in fact, there is up to 5lbs of produce in every bottle. All the ingredients are listed right on the label.


What is possibly my favourite thing about Krokodile Pear is that they not only provide delicious and healthy juices, but they have a social mission and passion that goes beyond selling healthy juice. Did you know that the name “Krokodile Pear” is another name for avocado? It’s a creative way for the company name to be a statement that healthy products aren’t synonymous with calorie restriction.

They believe that all whole food food is an integral part of our health, including healthy fats, and that is should be free of chemicals and pesticides used in conventional methods of growing. Written on their walls is their mission that “at Krokodile Pear we use our voice to influence, inspire, persuade, critique and expose,” and they are passionate about providing education on the whole food movement.


And just when you think they couldn’t get any better – they also support local food start up businesses. The snacks you can find Krokodile Pear have been hand picked by their team because of their quality, whole-food organic ingredients and delicious taste. Customers don’t have to worry about reading the nutrition labels when in this store to find out how much processed sugar is hiding in it, or whether there are chemical additives. Krokodile Pear makes sure its healthy so you don’t have to. And while I’m talking about sourcing local – they also go that beautiful table from Union Wood Co., a Vancouver based furniture company.


Photo: Nick Lewis, Owner


I highly recommend heading over to the new Yaletown location to check it out, grab a delicious juice and sit in, or go across the street for a break in the park.

Krokodile Pear

Address: 518 Davie Street (at Richards), Vancouver
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Address: 1867 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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