7 adventurous things you need to do this summer

Jun 16 2017, 2:09 pm

You’ve been to the beach, gone hiking, and walked the seawall countless times – but inevitably, that’s gotten pretty old. Let’s face it, it’s time you try something a little out of the ordinary.

That’s why Kraken Black Spiced Rum rolled into Vancouver last week, giving summer in the city a dark edge. Literally. Their black clad, adults-only ice cream truck was a hit at Fvded in the Park. Don’t worry if you missed out on the Kraken infused black ice cream they were dishing out, because it’s back again this week and is just one of seven badass things you can do to be more daring and shake up your summer.

Turn your summer black

If you missed getting a taste of Kraken’s Black Summer Skream, don’t fret because you can enjoy this special treat for those 19+ at one of three wicked bars this weekend. You won’t be able to miss the black ice cream truck that’ll be parked outside Hello Goodbye Bar this Friday, 6 to 8 pm and on Saturday at Clough Club 5:30 to 7:30 pm and The Cambie from 8 to 10 pm. And don’t forget to pop into the bars for some smooth Kraken cocktails.

Ride a motorcycle


Vancouver is known to be one of the most amazing places to ride a motorcycle. And it gets even better if you venture onto the Sea to Sky Highway where the scenery and winding roads make you feel more alive than ever before. But don’t sweat it if you don’t have your own motorcycle. Just jump on the back of your friend’s and enjoy the thrill of a sublime motorcycle ride.

Attend a rock concert

Rock concert/Shutterstock

Check out Vancouver’s event listings online and choose a rock artist that you’ve never seen or heard of before. Go along to the concert, jump around in the crowd, and maybe even make it to the mosh pit as the energy of the crowd builds. Who knows, you might even be crowd surfing by the end of the evening – and that’s addicting.

Get a tattoo


Get wild and get inked this summer. Vancouver has so many awesome tattoo artists and all you need to do is choose a badass design; you’ve always wanted to get a sleeve and now’s your chance. If you’re looking to do something really wild, let the tattoo artist freestyle your design so it’s a total surprise at the end.

Join the Zombiewalk

You don’t have to wait until October to get ghoulish because you can do it in August at the annual Zombiewalk downtown. Put on your best face paints, creepy clothing, fake blood, special effects makeup – you name it. You won’t be rocking the terrifying look alone either since the walk is actually the city’s largest flashmob.

Go bungee jumping

Bungee jump/Shutterstock

Jumping headfirst from a massive height is definitely not something you do every day so it’s guaranteed to liven up your summer. Take a trip to Whistler and book a jump while you’re there, preferably out in the wilderness over a large body of water.

Party until 7 am


There are actually a number of late night dance venues where you can stay out partying until 7 am. So let your hair down and dance to the rhythmic beats of DJs spinning until the early hours of the morning. Epic.

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