KRAFT Peanut Butter Food Truck!

Dec 19 2017, 5:55 am

Attention all Peanut butter lovers: KRAFT Peanut Butter Company has now released a Food Truck that will be roaming the streets of FIVE Canadian cities to feed you with their latest PB creations! ALSO, to add to the excitement, one of those cities is in fact, Vancouver. Phew!

So Vancouverites listen up! On July 1st (Canada Day), the Kraft PB Truck will be stationed at Canada Place ready to show-off their latest creations to their loyal PB fans.

And let me just say this—you’re all in for a treat! Ah yes, I’ve already had the privilege of sampling all the KRAFT PB creations beforehand. The wonderful people at KRAFT personally delivered them to me! Trust me– I know what a lucky foodie I am.


Here are some of the creations you will be sampling (I’ve ordered them starting with my favorite):

PB & Pretzels

Sweet and savoury chocolate covered pretzels, dipped in KRAFT smooth Peanut Butter.


PB & J Delight

Rice cake topped with KRAFT crunchy light peanut butter, jam, marshmallows & gummy bears.

Brought out the kid in me!


Peanut Butter S’Mores

A new twist on an old favourite. Marshmallow crème, chocolate and KRAFT Smooth Peanut Butter, pressed between two graham crackers.


PB Thai Taster

A veggie dip with a kick made from KRAFT Asian Sesame Dressing stirred up with KRAFT Whipped Peanut butter.


Peanut Butter Belgian Waffle

Waffle topped with KRAFT crunchy pb & jet-puff marshmallow creme


Tropical Peanut Sensation

Tortilla topped with KRAFT all natural smooth peanut butter, banana, coconut & honey.


Last but certainly not least–I pesent to you my own special creation,the  “Moradi Madness”. This was my personal favorite creation, and not just because it’s named after my last name (OK well maybe a little), but in all seriousness it was love at first bite. The Moradi Madness is a rich, decadent chocolate brownie topped with a light Kraft Peanut Butter Mousse and then drizzled with chocolate ganache.

It was so good that it made my  last name feel proud.


All of the KRAFT PB creations are designed so you can easily re-create them in your own kitchen.

Get creative with the ways you use your PB!


Love always Vancity,

Romina Moradi (smallgirlbigplate )

Twitter handler: smgirlbigplate



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