Kooperz Daily Deal Website Launches in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 4:51 am

Vancouver! The newest daily deal website is up, Kooperz.com! Now, I know what you’re thinking, another daily deal website? But we really suggest you check Kooperz out. Their unique voting system puts the people in control of deals, making sure the best deals get out there.

What is Kooperz?

Kooperz is a Vancouver daily deal website that offers awesome deals on restaurants, cafes, spas, shows, outdoor and indoor fitness events and many more to people in Vancouver. Kooperz has just launched in late February. In March, the Kooperz team has lined up a series of exciting deals that include discounts on restaurants, cafes, spa services, and fitness/leisure activities.

In addition to featuring well-known and popular businesses, Kooperz also believes in showing the hidden gems of this fair city. As a result, merchants featured on Kooperz are located in different parts of the city, and this gives our users the opportunity to not only enjoy great deals, but also discover more of the city they live in. Kooperz encourages all who like to be in the know to subscribe for their deal newsletter, or to follow Kooperz on Facebook (facebook.com/theKooperz) or Twitter (twitter.com/theKooperz) where their deals are also announced.

How does Kooperz work?

Kooperz aims to deliver deals that promote a social environment where friends and families can discover new experiences together at affordable prices. Kooperz is founded on the principle of “the more you share, the more you get”. So, when users see a Kooperz deal that they like, they simply need to:

  • BUY the deal being featured that day
  • SHARE the deal with their friends and family so that they can also benefit and enjoy the deal
  • DISCOVER and ENJOY new experiences by themselves or with friends and family
  • SUGGEST and PROMOTE deals that they would like to see featured on Kooperz

How is Kooperz different?

The Kooperz team started the business to introduce a new concept to the daily deal and group buying marketplace. Currently, the deals offered through most group buying websites are decided by the operators of those websites. Users of those websites do not have a mechanism to suggest and promote deals that they are interested in.

The Kooperz management team wanted to create an ecosystem where users got the chance to not only suggest deals, but also actively promote them. Thus, Kooperz was launched with a Voting feature in place. Kooperz staff will monitor all deal suggestions made by Kooperz users. Suggested deals that are consistent with Kooperz’s business model will be placed on the website where users can vote on them. Suggested deals that receive the most votes will be handed over to our Account Managers, who will seek out our partner merchants to create and offer a super attractive deal to our users.

Kooperz’s Voting Feature is unique – it puts the power of group buying back into the hands of users and encourages users to tell the Kooperz team about deals that they would be interested in purchasing. The Kooperz team is currently hard at work in refining this model, and very shortly, Kooperz will be launching a new mechanism that will change the way users look at the daily deal business model. Exciting times are ahead for Kooperz and its users – Kooperz encourages users to subscribe to their newsletter (@ kooperz.com) for news on great daily deals and upcoming new features.

You can find more information on Kooperz.com by visiting kooperz.com.

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