Koli Collection founder promotes bravery in modern fashion and business

Aug 31 2020, 12:57 pm

When it comes to modern female fashion, a collective of female leaders propping up their counterparts, and the clothing that can take your day from dusty to dominating, there are not many entrepreneurs in the industry quite like Ghazal Tavoosi, founder of Koli Collection.

In our conversation with Tavoosi, an emerging name on the Canadian fashion scene, she used colourful and extraordinary language to describe the clothing line. Terms like “fearless, wild, free, untamed,” and “sexy” inspire every choice and design in the Koli Collection.

Tavoosi tells Daily Hive that the busy life and self-starter ideals were handed down by her father.


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“My father was a very successful self-made businessman back home, watching him work hard to build an empire always inspired me to want to do the same,” says Tavoosi.

The Iran-born fashion designer now spends most of her time between Toronto and Miami, has high hopes for her upstart brand in the coming years, fueled by her newly found, but inevitable role.

“Pursuing the entrepreneur journey came naturally to me. I always had a passion for fashion and self-employment, so starting a fashion brand was just the right decision,” said Tavoosi. “The ideal goal is to not only be an online business but to start franchise stores in Canada and the US, mainly Toronto, Miami, and LA.”

Koli, taken from a Farsi word, is named after Tavoosi’s pride in existence as a free spirit. “I wanted to name the brand after something that I can relate to,” said Tavoosi. “It represents me and my brand and is also in my mother language.”

Continuing to bring new looks and pieces to “girls the like to feel bold and adventurous,” the latest collection by Koli features a white palette (Tavoosi’s favourite colour) and will arrive — despite manufacturing set-backs provided by a global pandemic — in time to ring in a monumental birthday for the “solopreneur.”

Koli Collection - Birthday Celebration designs

Koli Collection – Birthday Bash Collection

The bold nature of the pieces in the Koli Collection, are appropriately aligned with Tavoosi’s goals and perspective, which was gained by being in front of the camera for years.

“I started modelling while I was in college,” added Tavoosi. “Working with models, designers, photographers, and being in the industry, I realized my interest level in the fashion world.”

“Initially, I started putting pieces together and styling my friends and my photoshoots.”

Tavoosi’s vision for the appeal of both the clothing pieces her brand makes, and the powerful presence that Koli has on social media and through marketing, goes to show just how this startup fashion entrepreneur is taking everything they’ve learned and using those tools to amplify her brand.

“Eventually, I moved to the US, living between Miami and LA, while I was in the centre of it all I decided to start my own brand,” said Tavoosi on her decision to get into the other side of the game.


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The foundation of the Koli Collection is bathed in Tavoosi’s surroundings in which the brand was born.

“I lived by the ocean and was always in swimwear, or gym clothes. Hence, Koli is mainly a swim and athletic wear brand. I love the ocean and I’m always the happiest and most creative by water.”

The evolving collection also encapsulates the personality of its founder.

“Each piece is something that I can picture myself rocking,” she says.

That enthusiasm drives attention to the brand, while folks wanting to also feel those inspiring things are going to want to wear its pieces.


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From some of the best photographic catalogues in independent fashion to promotional videos dripping in swagger and sexiness, it’s no wonder the Tiramisu-loving designer champions individualism and self-confidence in entrepreneurship.

“Don’t give up, be consistent, be brave, don’t limit yourself, embrace your individuality and unique ideas, and eventually, you will succeed,” said Tavoosi when asked what advice she would give to other young fashion entrepreneurs.

Sometimes, we can dream a lot larger than our situations will see us build, but Tavoosi is dead set on manufacturing her own luxury, as opposed to letting it come to her by chance. Working alongside groups that share in vision plays a major role in this.

“Fierce Media takes the time to understand my vision, puts together a plan, and executes it in a way that makes sense for me and my brand,” said Tavoosi. “So take the time to find the right people to work with who can help you navigate the unexpected challenges.”

When it comes to Instagram campaigns, few do it better than Koli, who has carefully curated an aesthetic that accurately paints the powerful and adventurous spirit that is front-of-mind for Tavoosi as she puts together the present and future of her fashion brand.


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Current collections in the Koli line-up feature some unique one-of-a-kind tie-dye pieces (dyed to order), alongside the athleisure and swim staples that Koli is bringing to the masses. They even offer a subscription box, that will see a couple of pieces from their base collection shipped to your door every month.

Up next for the Koli Collection is their celebratory founder’s birthday collection launching soon.

For up to date info, tune-in to the Koli Collection Instagram channel, as well as their Facebook page.

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