Knights of Dunsmuir: Ravenous Randy Is Your Weirdo Hero

Dec 19 2017, 2:18 pm

Inside of the AMP Records studio it’s another episode of Knights of Dunsmuir hosted by Trevor Dueck and Jayme McDonald. This week we are joined by a man who knows a little bit about blood, sweat and tears.

Ravenous Randy Myers is a professional wrestler for Vancouver’s ECCW (Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling). Whatever you may think of pro-wrestling, it’s not easy to tie up the boots, put on the tights and get hit in the head with a chair for a living.

While running the ropes all over North America and Europe, the Ravenous one has seen it all. Having trained at the legendary Hart Family Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, to nearly getting his chance at WWE glory, Randy has a story to tell.

Currently he is set to star in a quasi-biopic called Weirdo Hero directed by Supernatural’s Ryan Curtis. It’s a Short Comedy/Drama about a pro-wrestler and his struggles with depression.  

Weirdo Hero is currently raising funds via IndieGoGo. The story is loosely based on Randy’s own personal battle outside of the ring with depression.

If you can find a few dollars to donate to this important project about the trials and tribulations of mental health, please do so. It’s an important film to get out to the masses.

Have a listen to the latest episode of Knights of Dunsmuir and join us as we tap into our inner wrestling nerd and talk some WWE, ECCW and hear first hand about the ups and downs, the glory and the heart break that is the life of an entertainer and pro-wrestler on the independent scene.

UPDATE: If you are a fan of ECCW wrestling, please come out to the Russian Cultural Center in Vancouver this Sunday afternoon (March 15, 2015)  at 12:00pm as the Weirdo Hero production needs an audience for some matches they want to film for the movie.

For all future ECCW dates check out their website and get out to one of their exciting events.

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