Knight St man's 100-day trashpicking project finally over

Dec 19 2017, 9:22 pm

A Vancouver man has finally completed an epic personal volunteer project – to spend 100 days heroically cleaning up garbage from his Knight Street neighbourhood.

Cliff Relph, who began the project in October last year after noticing litter piling up in the area, filled 203 garbage bags with the trash he found, day after day, on Knight Street.

Relph also documented his findings on Tumblr, Facebook and Reddit, eventually naming the awesome project 100 Days of Knight.

“Most of the stuff I find, goes in the bin,” Relph told his many Reddit supporters, who – like us – hail him as a local hero.

“Sometimes I’ll find something out of the ordinary, like someone’s bus pass… I’ll try to track them down to give [it] to them.”

“Oddly, the thing that surprised me the most about finding, was banana peels. I can’t believe how many of those I came across.”

Relph encouraged anyone thinking of embarking on a project like his to go for it – no matter how small.

“All a project takes is the resolution to do it, and starting it. Just take a few steps at a time, and you can get there. It may not be a glamorous project, but it’s a project you can herald, and define.”

However, any other litter pickers out there might want to heed this advice:

“Now I’m always looking down at the ground wherever I go, looking for things to grab. It’s been hard to keep my mind off the project.”

“And if you choose to do a project like this, get a nice pair of gloves you feel comfortable in… Like a tree, you need a strong trunk before you can reach your branch out.”

Here are some of the highlights of the 100 Days of Knight project:

From day 1…


…through storm trouble…

…and injury…


…endless streams of McDonalds trash…

…and dentures…

…to day 100