3 stunning kitchen designs that will inspire your next big renovation

Oct 26 2020, 7:49 pm

There’s a reason kitchens are called the heart of a home: the kitchen is the centre of all activities, from cooking together, to sharing meals and entertaining (sometimes even serving as a secondary office space). The kitchen has to be functional, efficient, beautiful — a place of organization and inspiration.

Appliances are the backbone of any kitchen, but things have evolved so far beyond simply choosing between white and stainless steel. Today, it’s possible to create a kitchen worthy of placement in a celebrity home, whether you’re working with 800 or 2,000 sq ft of space.

California-born brand Dacor appliances has been a longtime proponent of the modern entertainer’s kitchen — constantly pushing forward with smart tech and captivating design to create show-stopping, luxury appliances. Dacor appliances — which are available at Western Canada’s leading independent appliance retailer, Trail Appliances — encapsulate features and quality craftsmanship rivalling high-end brands, but without the hefty price tag.

To inspire your upcoming or future renovation, here are three styles of kitchens featuring the most coveted (yet attainable) appliances.


This style of kitchen is bold, with features that make a statement. Imagine the careful use of ornate details and hardware, and striking lighting that catches the eye. It’s only fitting that Dacor’s appliances in this category are distinctive and unforgettable, yet timeless.

The brand specializes in cooktops and double wall ovens for home chefs, real chefs, and avid entertainers who need appliances customized to their unique needs. Not only do they excel for function (the 48″ range has 14″ grates — the largest you can find), but these special pieces help you create a focal point in the most important room of the house. Professional range hoods in black graphite or stainless steel also create an extraordinary look while being heavy-duty.

It’s worth noting that Dacor appliances have features not commonly found in other brands, including WiFi and Bluetooth that connect to other Dacor appliances for coordinated cooking. Another added perk is the steam feature in the small oven of the 48″ range, which allows you to maximize the nutritional value of your meals.


A contemporary kitchen has clean lines; it’s a modern and minimalist look. Smooth, streamlined features are paired with a light colour palette and a balance of wood and modest accents. Naturally, kitchen appliances that go with this space are proportionately polished.

With Dacor’s contemporary collection, design elements on everything from fully loaded ranges to recessed cooktops with brass fittings are purposefully sleek, and can either stand out or blend in with your choice of silver stainless steel, graphite stainless steel, or panel-ready. In a contemporary kitchen, your fridge and dishwasher should be seamlessly integrated into the design with doors that open with one touch and close automatically. When you open the fridge, perfectly placed LED lights create an Instagram-worthy picture of your food.

Panelling is a popular style choice for a contemporary approach, artfully disguising Dacor appliances behind millwork or wood features and incorporating them into the background with minimal impact on the overall kitchen design.


With luxe design features and sleek user interfaces that represent the latest in kitchen tech, transitional kitchens offer the best of both worlds.

Combining elements of the contemporary and professional styles, Dacor’s transitional collection features innovative refrigerator and range offerings that give you every option to tie it into this functional design aesthetic. Choose a striking 36″ range or go with a cooktop and single oven for a more modern look. The induction cooktop has a display that lets you search for recipes online and follow video instructions — right on the cooktop itself.

Shaker cabinets (commonly found in farmhouse decor) complement Dacor appliances in transitional design, whether you opt for a hidden style or keep your fridge au naturel without panelling.

The merging of traditional and modern elements makes new technology very at home in a transitional kitchen. For example, all Dacor fridges are equipped with cameras that take a photo of the contents inside every time you close the door, sending it right to your smartphone. If you’re at the store and need a grocery list reminder, this is your visual guide.

From professional-level appliances for serious cooks to multi-featured offerings for keen entertainers, Dacor is accessible luxury that can inspire your new kitchen — no matter which style you go for. The brand is available at Trail Appliances, and the retailer has easy financing options to help you get your dream kitchen.

For a limited time, customers have a chance to take home Dacor at up to 15% off! Plus, every Trail showroom has Dacor appliances on display, so you can explore the appliances in person before you buy. Visit their website to learn more.

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