Kintec offers sneaker fitting and marathon training at a discount

Dec 19 2017, 10:14 am

For most, the pledge to start being healthier and more active begins in January. Gym membership goes up and people lace up their old, beat up sneakers that haven’t seen the light of day in years to go fulfill a freshly-made resolution. But becoming more active isn’t exclusive to beginning in January and wearing ill-fitting sneakers isn’t the way to make progress either.

That’s why the Kintec Running Clinics team provides a service to help train people while also providing them with the proper footwear to cross the finish line injury-free.

Kintec’s current 12-week running programs offer a trio of packages to help assist in training for marathoners and joggers alike.

An individual package for a solo runner will cost $74.95, but Kintec also offers a new Buddy Package for $99.96 – effectively lowering the cost to $50 per person. The idea for the Buddy Package came after finding that participants were more likely to reach their goals when a friend, spouse or family member could be there to provide ongoing support in the training process.


Image: Kintec Running Clinics

Most noteworthy is the Shoe Package – which combines both of Kintec’s business cornerstones into one. For $119.95, Kintec literally walks you through a full video gait analysis to pairs you with the right shoes to match your biomechanics.

This helps to prevent future injury from running while wearing improper footwear. The package includes shoes up to $150, making it a great deal for someone just starting out!

Image: Kintec Running Clinics

Image: Kintec Running Clinics

Kintec has stores across the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, Surrey, Langley and Richmond.

For more information and locations visit Kintec’s website.

Image: Kintec Running Clinics

Image: Kintec Running Clinics

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