Kim Anami Presents: The Sexual Savant Salon Series

Dec 19 2017, 4:22 am

A series of hedonistic and informative evenings presented by experts well-versed in the sensual arts. Imagine a beautifully appointed salon lit by candlelight, soft music playing and drinks flowing. There will be a 60-90 minute multi-media and interactive presentation-cum-performance art on the evening’s topic, followed by an open question and answer/discussion period and mingling. In this relaxed environment amongst friends and lovers, attendees will learn new sensual techniques to ignite their love lives.

The series is ongoing and is held Tuesday and Friday evenings. Experience: The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, Getting in the Zone (think G-Spots!), The Art of Pleasuring a Man, The Art of Pleasuring a Woman, How to Give an Erotic Massage, Vaginal Weight Lifting, Sensual Domination and Natural Birth Control. Singles and couples welcome.

Kim Anami, a Vancouver-based sex and relationship coach, is the creator and hostess of these salons. She is passionate about reclaiming sexual power and pleasure. Kim has been featured in Flare magazine and wrote The Multi-Orgasmic Woman for Playboy magazine (March 2010).

For more information and to register, visit:

Sex and relationship coach Kim Anami is facilitating the Sexual Savant Salon Series. Vancouverites spend more time thinking about sex than hockey, but it’s a less socially acceptable topic to broach. Since I’m equally comfortable with both, I asked Kim some questions about her upcoming workshops.

Vancity Buzz: What are The Sexual Savant Salons?

Kim: The salon tradition dates back to the 16th century. They were places for people to explore different topics through conversation and to be entertained, often with a decadent twist. The Sexual Savant Salons are a safe and relaxed space for people to learn about sex (wine helps!). Our culture is really bi-polar about sex. You see it everywhere but it’s discouraged to really talk about it openly or to actively learn to be a better lover. People often have questions about their sensuality and don’t know who to turn to for guidance. I think a thriving, passionate sex life is essential for everyone and the salons help make that happen.

VcB: What do you teach?

Kim: While I touch on technique, I also go into a lot of ‘why?’ As in, ‘Why is oral sex good for you?’ Because unless you are inspired to do something – like oral sex – all the technique in the world isn’t going to help you. I talk about intimacy and communication – all the fundamentals for a fabulous sex life.

VcB: Who can come to the salons?

Kim: Singles and couples, men and women. Anyone looking to expand their repertoire and have a fun experience together. Coming to a salon is a way to deepen your knowledge – it doesn’t mean that you are sexually lacking.

VcB: When and Where?

Kim: Evenings at my studio downtown. I’ll also be holding salons at Tart Boutique – Vancouver’s only erotic luxury emporium, and the only place you can find gold-plated sex toys in Vancouver – on Granville Island.

VcB: What are some sample topics?

Kim: The Multi-Orgasmic Couple – yes, both men and women can become multi-orgasmic, Getting in the Zone – talking about G-Spots in men and women, How to Pleasure a Man, How to Pleasure a Woman.

VcB: How are they set up? Are they….interactive?

Kim: Ha! It’s a multi-media presentation, cum-performance art. They are interactive in that it’s a dialogue – people are encouraged to share, open up and ask questions. That’s as interactive as they get 🙂

VcB: Fun fact?

Kim: In ancient China, Taoist physicians would prescribe acupuncture, herbs and…get this – certain sexual positions to cure different ailments. So if you had a problem with your digestion, your doctor might tell you to go home and have sex in a certain position three times a day for the next thirty days.

VcB: I heard you were in Playboy magazine?

Kim: Yes, I was!

VcB: What was that like?

Kim: It was really exciting to expose myself like that…kidding. I was in Playboy, but for the articles! I wrote a piece called The Multi-Orgasmic Woman which you can find here.

VcB: When do the salons start?

Kim: They’re ongoing. You can check out my website for a full description of all the salons with dates and registration:

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