The man behind the Kid: the Sonic switch, the universe and everything in between

Dec 19 2017, 3:08 pm

To follow a dream is not always as easy as the words that you get there. “I was bored,” says radio personality Kid Carson on leaving The Beat (94.5) after seven years. “Cool condo, fancy car, local status, it was all a joke. It all comes from chasing what we’re trained to think will make you happy and then realizing you’ve been scammed.” 

With that, on the fateful morning of Tuesday, April 24, 2012, he left his perch in the pivotal morning-slot of The Beat, and so began the silence that had grown-ups wondering if Kid had been “abducted by aliens.”

His disappearance set in motion a tsunami of questions amongst listeners, and it was only on September fourth that the flurry of worry was quelled. From once stagnant waters, Kid emerged wide-eyed and ready to ride the new radio waves of Sonic (104.9) with personalities Randi, Chelsea and Andrew the Intern.

“Like any relationship, trust is built over time,” remarks Kid, who has now been with Sonic for six months. “On a radio show like mine the team has to really trust each other, and show up at 5:00 a.m. with an open heart and willingness to be real.”

With his new life came the decision to marry his girlfriend, personal trainer and athlete, Hanan Arabatlian.

“We actually broke up for a few months over the past summer,” confides Kid. “I was between radio gigs, taking a considerable risk with my career…I had let the stress of my previous job carry over into my relationship and then I played victim and the blaming game.”

Kid says he eventually woke up and “pulled his shit together,” only weeks before his new stint on Sonic hit the air. “Giving into love can be a hard thing I think…when we got back together I knew I had to lock it down.”

And so begins his new adventure, through and through.

Every weekday morning from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Kid and his crew perform for their listeners, revealing that what happens off-air is exactly the same thing that happens on-air. “I love that it’s immediate, because I can think of a last second topic and hit the air with it,” he explains. “Even if people disagree with what I think, it might start a conversation that sparks new ideas, or maybe even change the way someone thought about something; I get a rush from that.”

Fortunately for Kid, the pursuit of his dream was worth the risk, and his creativity has not paid the price. He explains that he is building a home studio, something that has been a long-time aspiration, and is also in the process of building a company that has nothing to do with radio or broadcasting (which he will reveal later this year).

When it comes to Kid, who seems to have one foot on the ground and one step in the stars, his secret project could be almost anything on this planet, or off. “The more I read about how the world really works, I can understand why the people running it want to dumb us down,” he begins of his own personal interest with the universe. “It’s astonishing what we’ve discovered in the circles of fringe science, quantum physics, zero-point energy field…proof that our world is actually more like something you’d expect in a science fiction movie.”

He laughs while explaining that to most people it would seem pretty weird, but it’s something that has now made meditation a priority in his daily routine.

“Bottom line is: you get what you think about. That’s it,” asserts Kid. “So stop dicking around, find some quiet time alone, and give yourself a hope in hell of living your dream life!”


He loves his job and you can tell. He’s a natural at what he does, he’s very witty and always has interesting stuff to say,” – Rita

He’s so funny and genuine. I always wish there was no music and just talking during his show,” – Stephanie

The way he explains his stories is hilarious and you feel like you’re really there with them, and also he’s not afraid to say his opinion, he seems very real and not just trying to please his audience!” – Alexandria

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