6 Kelowna lounges to visit for a perfect cocktail

Dec 19 2017, 4:10 pm

In Kelowna, you’ll find the lounges and pubs are a great recharge after an Okanagan day. The cocktails and drinks on tap definitely offer the opportunity to relax a bit too.

Whatever your plans for a Kelowna evening – be it dressing up or letting loose – we’ve rounded up the spots that feature the best atmosphere and local cocktails.


Social 242

Just like the name suggests, Social 242 is a place to gather with old friends or make new acquaintances. The wrap-around bar at the centre of the lounge keeps the community conversation lively and, if it’s event night, you can watch everything as it transpires on large screens overhead. A more intimate setting is available in a number of booths and tables available for those who want to add tapas to their cocktail. Social 242 is centrally located and a great place to start your exploration of downtown Kelowna at night.

Address: 242 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna
Phone: 778-484-0242
Website: social242.com

Bacaro Kitchen and Drink 

TK - Cocktail 2

Image: Bacaro

A modern, cozy lounge with a view of the Sails landmark and the Kelowna harbour, Bacaro delivers an inviting atmosphere and drinks inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean – with a touch of the Okanagan thrown in for good measure. The drink menu will lift your spirits as you ponder selections such as the Blue Burro (which is actually pink), the Bacaro Smash or the Last of the Diehards.

Address: 231 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna
Phone: 778-484-6994
Website: bacaro.ca


Located downtown in the Prestige hotel, 27 is the fresh face on the Kelowna cocktail scene. Taking inspiration from both the late musicians’ “27 club” and the speakeasies of 1927, 27 is the Okanagan’s first craft cocktail lounge. Their drink list is thoughtfully crafted using unique, seasonal ingredients that complement the prohibition era decor. 27 is definitely a Kelowna lounge worth slipping into for a cocktail…or two.

Address: 1675 Abbott Street, Kelowna
Phone: 250-869-0036
Website: 27kelowna.com

Krafty Kitchen and Bar 

TK - Cocktail 3

Image: Krafy Kitchen and Bar

With a commitment to local and seasonal ingredients and avoiding refined sugars, the Krafty Kitchen and Bar serves up cocktails as fresh as its footprint in Downtown Kelowna. Brand new and already a busy stop for the downtown crowd, Krafty delivers a laid-back atmosphere perfect for a late-afternoon or early evening respite. And you’ve got to check out their caesar.

Address: 281 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna
Phone: 250-868-7228
Website: kraftykitchen.ca


Micro Bar • Bites

Brought to you by the people behind RauDZ, Micro is a local gem that specializes in the small and the simple. A rule that applies not only to their pared down cocktail list and seasonal small bites menu, but to their space as well. Inspired by their historic neighbourhood, Micro puts a creative spin on the classics that can satisfy almost any craving.

Address: 1500 Water Street, Kelowna
Phone: 778-484-3500
Website: microkelowna.com

Waterfront Wines 

Named the Best Okanagan Restaurant at the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards six years in a row, Waterfront Wines (1180 Sunset Drive) provides a modern, impeccable retreat from the hubbub of the city. Talented bartenders source local ingredients—including fresh juices and herbs, house-made syrups and infused sugars—to create unique cocktails. Waterfront Wines also stocks more than 300 local and international wines and craft beers to offer something for every palate. Located near the Culture District, Waterfront Wines is a good bet for a pre-event cocktail.

Address: 1180 Sunset Drive, Kelowna
Phone: 250-979-1222
Website: waterfrontrestaurant.ca