Keeping your dog safe at the Celebration of Lights

Dec 19 2017, 11:28 am

While people may enjoy the amazing fireworks at the Celebration of Light and bring their dogs along to the event, the loud, sudden noise can be very frightening for animals.

To a dog, the experience of fireworks is different than other natural loud noises, like thunder. Fireworks are lower down, reverberate loudly, and are accompanied by sudden booms, flashes and burning smells. Dogs experience the world through heightened senses.

While some dogs recover quickly, others can react by running away, putting them at risk of getting lost, or worse, being injured by road or pedestrian traffic.

The City of Vancouver encourages dog owners to leave their animals at home, with friends or at a doggy daycare, as those are the safest options. If you live within earshot of the fireworks and can’t avoid the noise, then have a kennel or home for your pet to feel safe in.

However, if you do opt to bring your dog with you, make sure your pet is wearing proper identification.  If a dog runs away or gets lost in the large crowds it’s very difficult for Animal Services to find its owner without proper identification or an animal license. If your pet is lost, call 3-1-1 and report the details right away.

Remember, thousands of people will descend upon downtown Vancouver to view the fireworks, so with huge crowds, loud noises and a high excitement level, it might not be the safest environment for man’s best friend.


Source: City of Vancouver | Image: Vick Sahota via Flickr