Keep Canada’s youth from becoming homeless with Virgin Mobile RE*Generation

Dec 19 2017, 11:08 pm

Around 225,000 Canadian youth currently aren’t working or in school. The issue of at-risk Canadian youth descending into homelessness is an ever-growing matter that needs addressing.

Virgin Mobile Canada commissioned a survey filled out by 1,036 Canadians which found that almost half of Canada’s youth have an income of less than $30,000 per year, with less than one third making a under $20,000 per year. Over half of youth also agree that they don’t have the necessary skills to find their first job and nine per cent of the youth surveyed were homeless at some point in their life. And an astounding 53 per cent of Canadian youth think they have some risk of becoming homeless.

Taking all these stats into consideration, there’s no question that at-risk youth require a support system — though it’s the method of support that makes the greatest difference.

Youth to youth support allows those at risk to establish a closer connection upon realizing they aren’t far removed from each other. Since 2008, Virgin Mobile RE*Generation has been providing a platform for youth to help empower their own generation.

Virgin Mobile’s RE*Generation aims to help 450 at-risk youth get and keep jobs by 2017 by investing in skills training programs that their partners implement – and this is just the beginning. There are 35,000 youth around Canada living in emergency shelters and 6,000 others sleeping on the street. Virgin Mobile RE*Generation is aiming to help these youth who are LockedOut of job opportunities to get Unlocked Out —but it doesn’t come at an easy cost. It takes $20,000 a year to provide a roof and bed for a homeless youth, and for about the same amount you can help three youth become trained for a lifetime career. Virgin Mobile’s RE*Generation needs your help to be part of the solution.

Donate to Virgin Mobile RE*Generation now by:

  • Texting (SMS): Text REGEN to 30333 to donate $5 to Virgin Mobile RE*Generation
  • Change for a Dollar: Virgin Mobile customers can add $1 to their monthly bill

Learn more about #UnLockedOut and Virgin Mobile RE*Generation.

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