Get chauffeured in style to the next Canucks game

Oct 18 2016, 5:28 pm

Parking in Vancouver can be a nightmare – especially when you’re the designated driver on game night.

The roads are plugged with hundreds of other vehicles trying to go to the same place and traffic is stop-and-go at best. Parking is hard to find and always overpriced. But thanks to Kater, a local tech company and preferred partner of the Canucks, you can enjoy the comfort of your own car without the hassle.

Cashless and convenient, Kater connects customers to qualified drivers through its mobile app. After a quick signup process, vehicle owners can schedule a driver to pick them up at their chosen destination and take them to wherever they want to go.

Unlike other rideshare services, Kater drivers are available for your entire night. They’ll drive you to the front door of the building, open the door for you, and then park your car, at no cost.

Customers can track their drivers with the Kater app throughout the night, so even if you aren’t in the car, you’ll have peace of mind.

When you’re ready to leave, they’ll pick you up and bring you home – unless you want to keep the night going. Then they’ll take you to the next stage of your adventure.

When you get Kater to take you to a Canucks game, the whole night opens up. You and your friends can relax on the way to the game, catching up on past highlights and debating player stats without worrying about parking. You can celebrate goals with cheers and beer – and not have to worry about being the designated driver.

You’ll feel like a VIP all night, and what’s even better, Kater charges a flat rate of $25 an hour, so it won’t strain your wallet.



To show how game night can turn into a great night, Kater is offering a special prize package for Daily Hive readers. When you book a personal chauffeur for November 29, you’ll receive two lower bowl tickets to the Canucks game that evening.

To receive two lower bowl tickets to the Vancouver Canucks versus Minnesota Wild game, do the following:

  • Download the Kater app
  • Book your trip to the game on November 29 using the promo code: TIXS2GAME

It’s that easy.

Kater has a limited number of tickets available, so book early to be sure you don’t miss out. Check out their website for details.

Don’t want to commit to four hours, even if it means missing out on free Canucks tickets? Download the app and get the first hour free with promo code HIVE25.

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