Fantacity Karaoke reopening on Vancouver's Robson Street

Karaoke bars in Metro Vancouver are hard to find. One of the best such spots in Vancouver was Fantacity, a karaoke bar in the basement of the old parking lot at Alberni & Thurlow. That lot is now being demolished to make way for a large office tower.  However, Fantacity has found a new home that will be opening real soon at 1133 Robson Street, right above Below The Belt and steps away from its old spot. “Coming soon” banners have been placed on the building.

The new layout will be similar to the old one. Instead of belting out the wrong lyrics in front of an entire bar full of strangers, like most North America “karaoke nights”, patrons will be assigned private rooms and proceed to drunkenly embarrass themselves among friends. This is the most authentic karaoke experience in Vancouver.

There is always Hip-Hop Karaoke at Fortune Sound as well.

If you know of other great Karaoke bars in Metro Vancouver please let us know by leaving a comment on this post so our readers can be made aware.


Image  by aiaichristmas