An authentic and exclusive club for influencers is coming to Vancouver

Mar 16 2017, 11:51 pm

Imagine having access to an authentic club where you can mingle with like-minded individuals, thought leaders, and the creative entrepreneurs of Vancouver.

Well, in 2018 you can –  at this collaborative club thats name is yet to be revealed.

With an emphasis on cultivating creativity, inspiration and thought leadership, this venue will be a place where you can work, play, eat, drink, entertain, and relax. It will set a new benchmark for the way we live our lives, blurring the line between work and play.

Design is by the award-winning DesignAgency in Toronto. The cosmopolitan club takes cues from the west coast modernist movement to reveal a creative business and cultural hub.

Members can use the upscale club for relaxation, to meet colleagues for lunch, entertain clients at dinner or catch up with friends on the Californian-inspired rooftop patio, or lounge in the wine bar.

The club is unmistakably of the moment and reflective of the world today; warm and welcoming, authentic but exclusive.  It is positioned to be an oasis in the heart of Downtown, a destination for members to feel inspired, productive, expressed and totally at home; devoid of antiquated rules and formal traditions.

Gallery exhibits, live entertainment, a rich calendar of art, thought, cultural and gastronomical programming will be hosted at the collaborative club as it aims to unite Vancouver’s creative and entrepreneurial communities.

Key club features:

    • Rooftop patio
    • Curated food hall, celebrating some of the best restauranteurs in Vancouver
    • Cocktail and wine bar
    • Artisan cafe
    • Office and studio space
    • Library
    • Auditorium and screening rooms
    • Private dining and meeting rooms
    • Performance and event space
    • Shared business amenities
    • Pop-up and retail space

Concept lounge/Collaborative club

Lounge/Collaborative club

The exclusive club is now taking registrations of interest for founding members while in its early stages of development.

“Our intent was to quantify market demand through organic reach. The response has been overwhelming and we’re excited to officially go to market with a brand in the next few weeks,” says Co-Founder, Kylie Burton.

If you like the idea of joining an exclusive club where you can meet Vancouver’s top industry influencers from a variety of creative disciplines, you’ll want to get behind this development and register your interest. It will be the first club of its kind in Vancouver, attracting some of the city’s most ambitious individuals.

The first 100 applicants (approved by the clubs review committee), will receive one-off pre-sale prices as well as a number of other VIP Founding Member benefits on opening.

Office space/Collaborative club

To enquire about the club, programming opportunities, office space or to register your interest as a Founding Member visit

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