JUNO Fan Fest

Dec 19 2017, 10:08 am

When Kurt Cobain of Nirvana noticed the place smelled like teen spirit, he was probably talking about JUNO Fan Fest. Buzzing with hyperventilating teenagers, and hormones practically seeping through skinny jeans, the St. Vital Center in Winnipeg was the hot spot this afternoon to wait in line just to get a moment of interaction with an artist. 

All those of the red-faced and braced species were led through the gate, given an autograph card and maneuvered to the ones they worship. Rappers were on one side, while country singers sat on the other, signing everything from shoes, to hats, to albums, to guitars, to hands, to paper, to drum sticks, to shirts. You name it, plunk on the table, a quick signature, a thank you, a selfie, proceed.

With a camera in my hand I was able to jump through the lines, get up close, chat with people whom I spoke with yesterday as they struggle to remember my name. The usual.

Rich Kidd and SonReal were chill and plan on hitting up Vancity soon, Kardinal kept his sunglasses on, Trevor Guthrie laughed when I called him “Guthrie,” until he realized it’s his last name. Tegan and Sara were lovely and identical, Tyler Shaw let a fan cry on him and JRDN tried really hard not to look like Chris Brown.

On the country side of things, Dean Brody completely forgot that I had interviewed him before, Brett Kissel was kind and very country, Gord Bamford really enjoyed having his picture taken while Tim Hicks took fifteen vine videos off in the corner by himself.

It was a zoo of lions and lambs, and one of the most popular events of JUNO week. Much VJ’s Liz Trinnear and Scott Willats, who themselves were getting a lot of selfie attention, hosted the event and gave away tickets to Sunday’s show by exploiting teenage inhibitions. This, included a dance-off and pop quiz, where SURPRISE, everyone was a winner.

The full list of artists at the event included: Autumn Hill, Brett Kissel, Dean Brody, D-Sisive, Gord Bamford, Jacynthe, JRDN, Kardinal Offishall, Rich Kidd, Small Town Pistols, SonReal, Tegan and Sara, The Trews (Colin and John Angus) Three Days Grace, Tim Hicks, my new best friend Trevor Guthrie, Tyler Shaw and Walk Off The Earth, who have that one song.