15 July 4th photos that are 100% 'Merica

Jul 5 2016, 9:31 pm

Land of the free. Home of the brave.

The very brave.

And you only have to look to Instagram to find out. Of course, if you follow even one American on social media, you knew for damn sure that yesterday was July 4th.

A quick scroll through #July4th and, if you didn’t know any better, you couldn’t be faulted for thinking American independence had a lot more to do with beer and bikinis than it did with the British.

So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites that really hit home of the brave, are all striped and starred out, and are 100% pure made in ‘Merica gold.

Consider this inspiration for Canada Day 2017.

This guy. @dirkwearswhitesox #northside #cincinnati #parade #july4th #ohio #photojournalism

A photo posted by Emily Maxwell (@emaxphoto) on

The twins’ #july4th dessert.#frostingsbysnow

A photo posted by Snow Jasper (@frostingsbysnow) on

A weekend for the books 🇺🇸 #hamptons #july4th #lads

A photo posted by Adam Purdy (@purdmanjr518) on

Don’t smile #purikura #july4th #independanceday

A photo posted by Tommy Adams (@tommyvillain) on

Off to claim some land. #USA #july4th

A photo posted by Dan Weidman (@danimalbos) on

These kids seriously love America #cousins #merica

A photo posted by Sarah Onstad (@sarahonstad8) on

Freedom isn’t free #merica

A photo posted by Austin Powers (@bigpoppapowers) on

#july4th #georgia #sigh yes that’s a trump mask

A photo posted by blini (@blini) on

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