The Juice Cleanse Diary: The Final Chapter - Day 5

Dec 19 2017, 8:24 pm

Read the final installment of my first-time 5-day Juice Cleanse, courtesy of The Juice Truck.
I hope my account helps those of you interested or on the fence about giving your first juice cleanse a shot.
(Missed Day 4?)

Day 5

You best believe it – I made it to today, and I’m feeling great. My skin feels bright, I feel energized and I’m super stoked about the two new juices I got to try today, which were much more savory than the others – the “Detox Tonic” (spicy!) and “Breathe Easy”  (a cornucopia of turnip, carrot, spinach, parsley, and mint). Even “The Base,” which I love for the same reason, tasted much more salty today; maybe my taste buds are getting better at detecting what they crave…..

I made it to Day 5* so I think I’m allowed to be a little cheeky.

*Also known as “probiotic day!”

I checked in with Ryan (The Food Truck’s co-founder) to get some tips on transitioning back to a regular diet. He recommended I take it easy for a couple of days (no dairy and meat and mostly plant-based meals tomorrow). (I also had my probiotic today to replenish healthy bacteria in my colon; I’m going to have the other half of the bottle tomorrow with a light brunch at The Wallflower.) I also asked about drinking tonight and Ryan’s response, after likely chuckling at my desperation to party, told me to “refrain if possible” (bummer…) mostly because “your liver is probably loving you right now and it wants to stay loved!” I’m taking it to heart and am planning on sucking on a single glass of wine for as long as possible. I’ll see how I feel and let you know!

ENERGY: 9/10
I’ve sustained the same energy from yesterday – a solid 9 – despite the rainy day today (looks like summer finally ended…?!) The weather is making me feel cozy though, so I wish I could just curl up with a cup of soup and a book. Instead, I’m sipping Rooibos and eating a raw energy bar as a reward for my near completion of a 5-Day Juice Cleanse (eating raw is not cheating!) getting ready for a party…

My favourite drink: The Apiary at Clough Club. Or really any bourbon sour so long as it has egg whites; unfortunately, TGIF this week involved a decaf espresso apres-work. Right now, I’m just eating a raw energy bar from the Food Truck with a cup of Rooibos and a bit of Protein Milk – trying to line my stomach with something as I am heading out to a friend’s birthday / housewarming later; I’ve decided to not be a total dud and celebrate with some wine. I’ll let you know how I’m feeling tomorrow… 🙂

Let’s hope the dairy-free probiotic I’m drinking tonight mixes okay with the wine in a few hours. Otherwise, let’s put that in the Rookie Mistake column. Stay tuned.
[Update: I barely had one glass of wine and tempered it with raw veggies from the platter; I honestly couldn’t drink much more than that – just wasn’t feeling it. My face felt warm and I felt a buzz coming on quite quickly, so just make sure you take it easy when first drinking alcohol after a juice cleanse. Just listen to your body and take it slow and things won’t get messy or unhealthy.]

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! It’s the long weekend and while we’re all out celebrating in our own indulgent ways with the Friday-Saturday-Sunday triple-threat weekend night thing, I hope we all take some time to reflect on what we’re grateful for. Like, for instance, the food on our plates (or in our glasses). While you’re out there eating your turkey dinners (or in my case, hot pot…) take a moment, really savor your food with each bite and say, “Thanks for nourishing me, (insert delicious food here)!”

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