Juice Cleanse Diary: Day 2/5

Dec 19 2017, 8:21 pm

Live vicariously through a first-time juice cleanser. Welcome to the 5-Day Juice Cleanse, courtesy of the awesome guys at The Juice Truck, and well, me

I’m checking in nightly… Stop by, shoot your questions at me below in the comments, or just leave some words of encouragement! Hoping my account will help those of you interested or on the fence about giving your first juice cleanse a shot. (Missed Day 1? Start here.)

Day 2

Definitely a tougher day than yesterday. Mostly mental sluggishness though; physically I’ve felt great, save for a few aches and pains leftover from my long Stanley Park run on Sunday. In any case, I think I need more protein, whether to power my brain through a long day at work, or to help my body rebuild.

ENERGY: 5/10
Well, if I called yesterday a 6, today has to be at least a 5. While I do feel more energetic in my body than yesterday, my brain definitely needs more fuel. I had a bit of what I’m dubbing “fruit brain” all day, where I was far from eloquent in meetings and experienced quite a bit of verbal dyslexia; I even called my colleague Andrew “Alex.” I kept sipping away at my juices throughout meetings in hopes I’d get back to my old self, but still feeling a bit off my game. Bad day to be working on Adwords campaigns, I’ll tell you that. Juice cleanses and spreadsheets don’t mix.

 Juice Truck Cleanse

I definitely know why it’s called “The Energizer!”

I had to try really hard to not just chug “The Energizer” at my 2pm meeting today, because I felt like I needed something to help me think straight. I decided to use a straw to keep myself from downing the whole thing in a minute and to avoid crashing after. (Lesson learned from yesterday: Pace yo’self!)

Woke up this morning way before my alarm incredibly well rested. I didn’t really sleep that long (my usual 6.5 hours) yet felt wide awake. Did not crave caffeine at any point during the morning… though as I started to feel a bit mentally slow at work, I started to miss coffee (old habits die hard).

Mexican. Not sure if this is a normal side-effect of a juice cleanse, but I swear my sense of smell has become heightened. On my commute home from UBC on the 99 today, I smelled the Taqueria before the doors even opened at Cambie. Usually I don’t even notice I’ve made it past Main.

Forgetting to drink water. If you find you are thirsty, drink water. This evening, I remembered to drink water and that mental “juice brain” subsided. I’m thinking water will be a major part in making sure I stay productive at my Vancouver+Acumen meeting tonight.

LAST WORD: Picked up my new round of juices today at the Juice Truck on 5th and Zack and Ryan loaded me up with some extra hemp protein powder to add to my juices. Feeling super excited about that. Remember: You can always adjust the juice cleanse to suit your needs – it’s not supposed to be torturous!

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