Journey to TBEX: #ExploreCanada Blogger Train

Dec 19 2017, 7:35 am

All aboard? 28 of the world’s best travel bloggers, writers and photographers definitely are. The Canadian Tourism Commission and VIA Rail  have invited this group of wanderlusts to discover Canada on an epic journey to TBEX Toronto: The world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers and new media content creators.

They started in Vancouver, BC and have made their way to Jasper, Alberta and the group has been snapping photos, writing content and live blogging all aboard the blogger train. Wonder what it’s like to be on this epic trip? Below are some great photos and a time lapse video to give you a taste of their trip….

Vancouver, BC:

The journey started a week ago when, when the wonderful group of travel bloggers, writers and photographers from places around the world first met. They spent an entire long weekend in Vancouver getting to know the city and each other, participated in a range of activities, sampled some great food and saw many sights.

Jasper, Alberta:

When the time came to depart, there was still so much of Vancouver the group had to experience, but Jasper and the Canadian Rocky Mountains awaited. Traveling in style on a VIA Rail train, the group and spent most of their time in awe of the spectacular beauty of western Canada. Most  rarely budged from the glass-domed Panorama car, which offered amazing views (and photo opportunities) from the train.

Immediately upon arrival in Jasper, it was clear the little mountain town was someplace special. As the group stepped off the train, they were surrounded by stunning snowcapped mountain vistas in every direction. Over the ensuing days they were immersed in nature in the form of wild animals, wild white water rapids, spectacular landscapes, and a glacial safari of sorts at the Columbia Icefield. They also enjoyed some delicious and inventive meals.


Needless to say, they wanted to stay longer. But alas, the time has come to move on to explore the next destination…

Onto Winnipeg and Toronto!

Special thanks to Maurice for sharing his amazing photography and comments during his travels. You can follow his work and learn more about him below.

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