Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Poke The Bear Part 1 and 2

Dec 19 2017, 1:36 pm

Remember the Jon Stewart rant againgst the Boston Bruins that we posted earlier this year. It wasn’t real but it fooled a lot of people. It was however, well crafted, funny and something many Bruins fans couldn’t swallow. The truth will do that to you. Well here is another Jon Stewart (and Stephen Colbert) video going off on the Bruins and their organization’s apparent ignorance. For us Vancouver Canucks fans, it’s funny but at the same time it reminds of the team that beat us last year. 

Here is the clip made by . Another masterpiece.

Jon Stewart Poke The Bear Part 1

This time around Stephen Colbert decided to chime in as well. The Eminem and Dr. Dre clip at the end was unexpected but brought back memories.

Stephen Colbert Poke The Bear Part 2

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