10 reasons John Tortorella will be good for the Canucks

Dec 19 2017, 7:46 am

Now that the Aquilinis have made Tortorella a made man in the Canucks familia, let’s look at the 10 reasons why this could be a great hire.

1. Heart – He will light a fire under a staggered Canucks team unable to regain its 2011 heart. His passion and intensity is infectious and will provide a jumpstart.

2. No BS – Torts does not mess around. If you suck, he’ll let you know you suck, and you will do something about it or you’re not playing. The days of royal treatment of some of the under-performing elite Canucks players are over. Don’t get him wrong though, he gives praise where it’s deserved. Tortorella quotes

3. “Safe is Death” – The philosophy that won the Tampa Bay Lightning the 2004 Stanley Cup Championship may return. This bodes well for a skill over braun team and will keep fans on the edge of their seats with pure entertainment.

4. Media can’t mess with the Canucks – Many times in Vancouver the media stifles many players psychologically with redundant negative questions. Tortorella instantly takes off much media pressure from the players and acts as a lightning rod for all scrutiny. Let’s just say you will see a lot of negative coverage towards the Tortorella hire because the media is not looking forward to the unpredictable scrums. They will have to be on top of their game or Torts will chew them up.

5. Shelf life – Tortorella has just enough shelf life for the Canucks coaching job as the window of opportunity left for the team to win a Stanley Cup. That intense push over the next two to three years is perfect.

6. He’s a champion – 2004 Stanley Cup winner in a game 7, something the Canucks were unable to do when it was time to be clutch.

7. US reunion –If there’s a player that may be unwilling to be convinced with a new coaching regime, it would be Kesler. However, this is a reunification of the 2010 US Olympic team and a butt-kicking attitude that will likely be more harmonious than dysfunctional.

8. Developing young players – Tortorella isn’t perfect but may be better than Vigneault in giving young players enough ice time to develop. Players such as Stepan and Del Zotto did very well under Torts.

9. Second chance for players – Players in Vigneault’s doghouse will get another shot at consistent ice-time. Maybe we’ll see a resurgence in some of the former Florida Panthers players.

10. Re-brand – The Canucks may be able to begin shaking off their whiny diving image with a coach that demands himself and his players to be held accountable.

Image Source: Rothwell’s Blog